Zoey's Forever Home Update

April 11, 2005
I'm sure you don't know this, but I log on to your website practically every day to watch as new puppies come in and happy puppies go home to their forever homes. It's so uplifting in a bittersweet way, and I have more and more respect and admiration for you and the work you do with each passing day. And on a more personal note, I'm always watching for the "perfect" peke to come around when all factors are right here at our house, too. I fully expect there to come a day when another one of your little pekey girls will join our family. I looked long and hard at Toffee, but the time here just isn't right. I'll know when it is.
In the meantime, I thought you'd like a website-publishable update for Miss Zoey. I can't tell you how happy she makes me just laying here at my feet as I type this to you. She is most definitely Momma's girl, and that's just how I like it!! With the snow finally gone from the yard she's having a wonderful time exploring our land with Buddy and Petey. She runs and hops like a bunny and spins and twirls and finishes it all up with the pekey biscuit dance. I've watched the Westminster dog show for the last few years, and Jeffrey the pekingese who, though a fine representative of the breed, resembles pekes I've had about as much as my pug does. He waddles like a furry penguin and can't even run. We don't know if he's trained to do that, or if it's a function of all that hair, but, while quite pretty, I much prefer my dancing, hopping pekeys. They're so much more animated and seem much happier.
Zo-Zo sleeps quite happily at the foot of the bed on my side every night, and has finally decided that hugs are something to seek out rather than just endure. She's learning how to play with Daddy, play biting and wrestling, but not so much with me. I think she knows Dad's for playing and Mom's for lovin'. Zo-girl rules the couch, and every other piece of furniture, and always perches herself atop the biggest stack of pillows or blankets around.
It's all about altitude--and ATTITUDE, too, of course. She's still learning to play with the other dogs, but I don't think she's every going to get really good at it. She's no longer aggressive when startled, so that's enough for me.
She is, however, still spooked a bit by our teenage son Josh. He's the ONLY male she shies away from, so all I can figure is, with her limited eyesight, he must look like whatever monster kept her in cages all that time. When he's the only one here, she's fine with him. He lets the dogs out when he gets home from school, and she comes back for him, but when I'm here she won't come in if she sees Josh standing inside the house. She sits on the couch with him, even when we're here, so the skittishness is situational at best. It's odd, but he's still trying hard to win her over completely.
Zoey traveled down to Southern Illinois with us for Thanksgiving. We had planned to board her with the other two dogs, but when we put them into the pens that morning on our way out of town she was absolutely terrified. It must have reminded her of the cage she spent her entire life in, and on the spot we decided to take her with us. The hotel we stay at allows dogs, so we left Buddy (the bigger one who's afraid of riding in the car and is quite familiar with the kennel as it's also our groomer) and the two small pups went with us. The family had a ball with the girls (Pete and Zoey) and they both traveled like little troopers. Given that it's a 9 hour trip, I was terribly proud of my girls.
Zoey has gained a little weight and her ribs are no longer so obvious, and I think her hair's growing, though it's SO SLOW. But, I have time, and she's absolutely beautiful anyway, so who cares?
So, I've spent long enough sitting here typing. I'm off to play with the pups. Keep up the great work, and I'm sure when all factors are right, we'll see each other again. Take care, Jan.

April 2005

December 12, 2004
A friend of mine is working on learning how to use all her new camera equipment and needed a guinea pig. Zoey and I agreed to sit for a few shots, and here's one of my favorites. Thought you might want to see us. Isn't she beautiful??
Happy Holidays to you all.

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