Zurich's Forever Home Update

October 11, 2005
I'm a little early on this picture but wanted you to see our gang. As you can see Zurich fits right in:) He is such a special little fellow. I also wanted to let you know that I put a sponsorship money in the mail today for Skylar today. You should get it soon.

August 11, 2005
Thanks for the sponsorship info. I'm planning on sending Carmella a money order this week for the first two months. More will follow, I hope it will help. I wonder if, along with my name you could include Zildjian, Zoe and Zurich's names in the sponsorship announcement. I'm sure they would like that:). And don't worry about the ebay items I donated. I know you are very, very busy, and I know you are too conscientious to forget. I just hope you are able to get some "vet-bills" relief whenever they are auctioned off.
I'm sending along a picture of my three babies. 'Thought you might like to see what a trio they make.
Thanks alot,

February 4, 2005
I'm sorry it has taken so long to get these pictures of "Zurich."The first picture of "Zurich" was taken at Christmas 2004 (one of my favorites).
The second is a picture of him along with his brother "Zildjian" and sister "Zoe."
The third picture is a group shop of my entire family. Starting from the left is:
My Dad, Bill
My Brother-in-law, Joel
My Sister, Felicia holding her Maltese "Vuitton"
My Mom, Linda holding my sisters Shih Tzu "Fendi"
My Daughter, Autumn holding "Zildjian"
Me holding "Zurich,"
My Son, Blair holding "Zoe,"
My Husband, Brian in the back.
Your work is wonderful!!

July 4, 2004
Zurich is still doing great. He is one smart pup! We took him to West Virginia with us last month to see my sisters new "mansion." She also has two very pampered pupsters, a Maltese and a Shih Tzu. It didn't take Zurich long to figure out why her two dogs spend soooo much time in front of a fan (even though their house is air conditioned). The first thing my husband did when we got home was to go out and buy a fan just for Zurich. He loves it!! I'm sorry I'm taking so long on that website picture. I'm a little computer iliterate when it comes to sending photos so I need my son's help. Its hard to catch him at home though, when he's not away at college he's working up at Interlochen for the summer. I'll keep working on it.
Take care, and thanks for all you do.

June 4, 2004
Zurich contiues to be a wonderful addition! Our families have been gathering at our house this week due to my daughters high school graduation. Many family members had not yet had the pleasure of meeting our little guy.They loved him! It didn't take him long to win over all of their hearts.

April 6, 2004
I'm sorry to hear the sad news of yet two more babies that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Its obviously been a rough week for you. Scampi and Onyx are in our thoughts. Zurich is doing wonderfully!! He's such a good boy. We are a very lucky family to have him.

March 13, 2004
Zurich gets sweeter by the day. He has been such a joy! I just finished grooming him and he looks quite handsome. He has certainly won the hearts of the entire family. Thanks for checking on him. You sound very busy, it is such a wonderful thing that you do.
Take care,

January 5, 2004
Santa was good to Zurich this year. His stocking was full of toys and treats. Unfortunately, we did have one minor misshap, Zurich got into some chocolate in the late hours of Christmas Day. We called the Vet immediately and was advised to lace some milk with hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. It was all taken care of quite quickly and Zurich didn't seem aware that anything was out of the ordinary. He was perfectly fine within an hour and was his sweet playful self by the next morning.
He has such a loving personality and minds quite well. We have let his hair grow longer for the winter months and he is quite a handsome fellow. We are still baffled on a daily basis how someone could not have loved him with all their hearts. Thanks again for helping us find him.
Tammy and Family

December 12, 2003
I'm interested in the doggie collar scrunchies but wondered if only one set is available? Of course, having THREE cute little faces looking up at me everyday, I would need three sets:) I also have two "nephew" pups that would enjoy these from their "Aunt Tam." I wasn't sure if this was a one time offer, or if orders can be taken like your bread in a jar (which, by the way I gave to my fellow co-workers and they loved them!!) Maybe I'll be taking orders next Christmas.
How is Marc Sr doing? He has been in my thoughts. Zurich says "hi"!

October 2, 2003
Thanks for the information concerning the Peke A Tzu Rescue. I found it quite interesting. I'll have to dig around in my basement for ebay stuff one of these days:) Zurich is still being such a good boy. My parents are flying in from Florida today and I am taking all 3 pups to the airport in Flint to pick them up. They are anxious to see our new baby. He has been adjusting so well. Zildjian and Zoe are continuing to show signs of "acceptance." They are not totally there yet, but each day seems to show progress. The human members of my family think he's pretty special!!

September 29, 2003
I just wanted to let you know that Zurich has been an angel. He is sleeping well at night and is very easy to care for. My kids were addicted to him right from the start as he smoothered their faces with kisses. Ziljian and Zoe are still a little shy around him but I had expected that. We have dog-sat before, and they have behaved the same way. I'm sure they will bond in their own time:) There has not been any dominance or aggression between any of them. We are very happy with this sweet new addition.
I'll keep you posted.
Thanks, Tammy

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