Addie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

November 17, 2020
Hi Jan,
When we got home showed her the play area and she just stood there, didn't move to look around. Then took her inside and then she looked every thing over, but couldn't get closer than 2 ft. and she would run. Just let her look, turned the TV on and she ran the length of the house then started barking and howling, It was so funny, her bark sounds like she's a lot bigger dog. Think it was because of the TV, She's fine with it now. Yesterday I got her sweater off and her harness on And if she's in her bed I can pick her up and pet her, but if she's up and around the house and I try to pick her up, she still runs. Going over today and get her some more food. I think she is doing good, eating good, but I haven't seen her drink any water and it didn't seem to be down any. Guess I will have to measure how much I put in then again when I dump it to see if any is missing, She is using the pee pads to pee, but poops on the floor. Does not seem to want to go out side.
Love her !!

November 23, 2020
Hi Jan,
Addie came up to me and licked my hand, and my daughter in law was here yesterday and she just talked to Addie and Addie came up to her and licked her hand and she picked her up and held her. Addie was happy with this. She seems to have for got what pee pads were for didn't use them yesterday at all. I put her out on the deck and she runs from one end to the other then back up to the steps to get back in, She will do this all the time until I let her back in, Seems like she would look around and smell thing's, She does stop for a short sniff, She has to be in the same room that I'm in. When I pick her up , she's happy to let me just hold her, but doesn't come up to me to be picked up. I love her so much.

December 23, 2020
Addie is doing great ! Going potty outside, except for a few accidents, sleeps a lot. Got her 2 new toys she just took them, put them in her bed and hasn't paid any attention since. Not doing good on a leash. If I follow her it's O.K., but to get her to go where I want doesn't work. She just puts on her breaks, stiffens her front legs and won't budge, lol. Has to be in the same room I am unless I get away while she's sleeping. Hasn't went for a car ride yet, want one of those doggy car seats so she can see out, and would be nice if she would walk with the leash. Her hair is growing out so her legs and feet look a little bigger but have to get her facial hair cut before too long. Everything is GREAT !!!

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