Autumn & Sneaker's Forever Home Update

Autumn & Sneaker's
Forever Home

June 28, 2018
They are doing very well. They really enjoy playing in the yard so they're always wanting to go outside. They're still trying to get used to the household environment though. They didn't sleep much last night but napped today. Hopefully they'll sleep better as time goes on. We have beds for them with blankets but they don't seem to like to stay in those. I think it really helps that I work from home now and can provide them with any needed attention throughout the day. Oh, we're having some potty training issues but that should change over time as well. I think they may still be a bit anxious. They both love to just sit with us on the sofa, but when Sneakers feels like getting wound up, Autumn follows suit. I'm so glad they get along so well. Autumn sticks to Sneakers like glue. They're both eating well. Tomorrow we're going to try taking them for a walk in a local park. JoAnn has been snapping pictures here and there. Would you like us to send you any?

July 18, 2018
Good Morning Jan,
We definitely love them, and they are doing well. I'm going up to Reed City on Friday and was wondering if I could stop by on my way back to pick up a bag of frozen raw diet food. I'm guessing it would be around 7pm, but I can definitely call when we get close. Would that work with your schedule?
Thanks, JoAnn

December 18, 2020
Hi Jan,
Yeah, you and the pups are so welcome. Glad to help. Attached you'll see the latest photos I have. Sneakers guarding his bone stash from Autumn and Autumn just finishing up at the groomers.
Merry Christmas,

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