Banji's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

June 30, 2019
Hi foster mommy!
I wanted to tell you all about my last 24 hours! First, in the car I was very good and spent time on both my new mommy’s and uncle’s lap. It was a long ride though, but thankfully mommy brought water and I even drank it from a cup! When we got home, I met my new older sister, who really seemed to like me, and I like her! We’ve sniffed each other a lot and even give each other kisses. My new daddy fed me dinner, and after I took a little walk, I was so tired that I took a nap on my daddy’s lap. I found a whole big basket of toys that I am having so much fun with too! I have had a few little “accidents”, but mommy and daddy just said it was bad, and took me outside to show me where I am suppose to go. I slept in bed with everyone and cuddled with my sister. Today I am playing a whole bunch with them, and they have taken me for these wonderful walks, that have so many places to sniff, I just couldn’t help lift my leg and do my jobby several times. They were so pleased with me. Now I am out sitting with mommy on screen porch, and I can hear the birds sing and watch silly squirrels in the trees. I have let them hear my beautiful voice a few times when I thought I saw something particularly exciting. They just smiled. Even though I miss everyone, I just know I am going to be so happy here at my forever home! Mommy took this pic of me just after we got back from a walk. Mommy says she will send you more in time, as she knows you can’t help but miss me!
Love, Banji!

July 23, 2019
Ahhh Mr. Banji, where do I begin! At this moment he is on my lap in the car as we are on the way to our cottage, which he loves! This morning as every morning he woke Jim up with lots of doggy kisses and a few fun little attention getting bites! We have loved watching his personality emerge. He took to us immediately, but sometimes unsure of other people we might encounter on our many walks during the day. He has made a couple of doggy friends, who are little, but tends to ignore anything bigger. He just loves playing, especially ball where he is quite good at returning with it. He is always on our laps or nearby. Bathroom wise he goes quite well on his walks, with only a few inside mishaps! He and Sammy get along great, and they sleep together at night, in our bed of course. So bottom line, it has been a hectic three + weeks, but we have loved it all, and feel like our life has been re-energized. He is one happy little guy, as we are two happy people! I’ll send some pics in the near future! Take care Jan!!

September 28, 2019
Mommy is writing this for me, she always knows what I am thinking, and what I want. So I had my first birthday a while ago, but it didn’t change anything as I still feel like a puppy, and sometimes to my parents chagrin, act like one too! I have been a very good boy though, and I am so lucky, as my parents are with me at least 98% of the time, but the few times they have been gone, I’m afraid I had to do something minor, like chew a rug/shoe sole, etc. just to prove a little point. They don’t seem to get mad because as soon as they look at me they smile! Come to think of it, they smile every time they look at me! Because I have worked so hard to be good, they gave me $100 to spend anywhere on anything. So, I sent it to you to help with other little puppies like me who need a good home. I will continue to be a good boy so I can earn more $! BTW, it seems we have another home in Florida we will be going to in a few weeks, and momma says there is a basket full of toys there waiting for me! I love my toys, especially my balls that they throw and I chase! I miss everyone there, but am very much loved here.

March 8, 2020
Banji loves his winter home in Florida. He spends his days cuddled with us or playing ball! He sends doggy kisses to everyone back home!

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