Elwood's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

September 7, 2019
Hi Jan,
Elwood was perfect on the way home. He sat right on my lap on a blankie , drank some water and was looking all around, never slept. Once we got home around 3 pm or so, he didn't like the tile floor like you said but I put a couple of pads on the floor he could walk on and within an hour or so he was walking on the tile. Laminate floor he had no problem. He pooped and peed on the pads and ate a little dinner. He even barked when he wanted my attention which was so cute! The other babies aren't sure what's going on but everyone has been good with him and they are all in bed with Dan now. Thank you as always for all the love and care you give all the little ones, I rescue because of you!!!
Elwood, Mimzy, Finnegan, Sheridan, Hyacinth, Pam & Dan too

September 15, 2019
Hi Jan,
Elwood is doing great and we love him so!! He is such a good boy and uses his little bark when he wants me which is so cute. He is getting better with the floors and taking more risks every day about walking on the tile/wood. Thanks again for the kind words on facebook. All my friends loved the picture you took of the 3 of us. Hope all is well.
Take Care,

October 5, 2019
Hi Jan,
Elwood is doing great! He will be 13 yrs old in 10 days and you sure wouldn't know it. He is eating great and getting better everyday about walking on the floors. He is so quiet unless he wants me or Dan and then he uses his adorable little bark. He is very curious and doesn't sleep near as much as the other babies, he is always exploring and looking around. Last week we went up north, he was perfect in the car for 2.5 hr trip and loved the "little house". Let's hope for some fall sunshine.
Take Care,

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