Benny's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

July 2, 2018
Benny's been taking over the place! He cuddled in with our 11 yr old grand. We have her for breakfast every morning and take her to "summer fun" thru the school. She has 3 dogs, 2 are rescues, and she thinks she wants to be a small animal vet. My job today is to order supplements and food. He loves it as you know! Thank you for taking such good care of him. I should have had you hold him one more time. Hugs!

July 7, 2018
Just a week, but filled with fun. I think Benny is training us more than the other way. Sleeps really well. Investigating everything. These pics are of his favorite spots. Likes the window seat next to fireplace, with window open, the footstool. All the sudden, grand daughter called him Benny, and he responded. We've all been calling him Benny since. I hope you aren't disappointed. It seems to be easier for me to say also. Should be receiving the supplement and salmon oil and kelp hopefully Monday. He really likes his food. You are right, he hardly drinks water. And I have distilled. Apples and carrots, he eats and plays with them...a riot. The pic with me is today. The 4th noise really bothered him. And starting last night thru Sunday is the classic car weekend in town, fair grounds and driving all around. Lots of noise for him. Different from the great spot back your lane. I'll write more soon and thinking of the other lucky babies at Peke a tzu.

July 31, 2018
Hi Jan,
Have wanted to send an update on Benny....we love, love him. He loves to run in our back yard. Is doing very well with potty training. Will use piddle pad if we miss his cues, or wait too long to take him out. He walks well on a short leash dying to sniff everything. Getting use to the sounds of this small city. One day alone, firetruck sirens passing, first Sat of the month tornado siren test, and church bells indicating a funeral. One after the other. He stops and looks at me questioning. Very smart. Sleeps with us and the only one who doesn't snore. In trying to not put him a cage when we went away first time, we put him in our bedroom/bath area. He chewed the wood along the bottom of the exit door. Looks like laid on his side and got to work. After, he would cough now and then. Worried he had a splinter in his throat, took him to our vet. She found nothing and after looking at his history did not find a innoculation for kennel cough. I called your vet and they said no. He will have the shot Thursday. Even though our groomer comes to the house, she recommends it. You warned me about wood. I have 10 bags of mulch I will not be putting down this summer. Bath time is a riot. Does not enjoy, and we both get wet. He's delightful, sweet, loving, cuddly. Loves to race and play with our daughter's dogs. Love him, and so happy to have him. Hope you are doing well. A few pics.

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