Bravo and Rascal's Forever Home Update

Bravo and Rascal's
Forever Home

December 14, 2018
The boys are loving their new home!!! They’ve even explored the back yard and no accidents in the house! Fendi is slowly checking them out but doesn’t seem to mind his new brothers :) We couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for caring for these boys so well until we could bring them home! We will continue to send you updates and pictures of our little family!
Melissa, Jimmy, Fendi, Bravo, and Rascal

December 27, 2018
Hi Jan!
The weekend went so well with these boys!!! It’s like we’ve had them for years! As you can see they have made themselves quite comfortable. We are all so in love! Fendi is getting more comfortable with them as well, he hangs on his own terms as all old pups do I suppose. :) Their favorite thing to do is snuggle, which I am loving! We are so thankful for these boys!! We all send our love!!
The Coe Family

January 16, 2019
Hi Jan!
Happy new year! I hope you are having a great start to the new year! The boys say hi! Everyone is doing really well! We couldn’t imagine our lives without these sweet boys. There’s so much love in our home! All the Pom love!!
-The Coe’s

April 25, 2019
Hope your spring is starting off well! The boys are loving the magnetic screen we put in the back so they can storm off outside anytime they want while we are home! Haha They are happy and healthy and just full of love and energy! We love these boys so much! Still working a bit on the potty training, but they have gotten a ton better! They get to come to work with me sometimes, everyone just LOVES them and of course they are a little shy and don’t make a peep in public, but they have tons to say when we get back home. Hahaha. Wishing you a happy and healthy spring and summer!!
-The Coe Family
James, Melissa, Fendi, Bravo, & Rascal

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