Brixeys's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

April 15, 2017
Brixey appears to be settling in. She has been very timid but enjoyed following me around the kitchen. We have held her as she is very cuddly. She did gave me kisses! She ate her dinner with no problems. She becomes overwhelmed going outside and will sit. We will have to work on it. She doesn't explore but that will probably get better as she gets more comfortable. Thank you for everything. I've decided to keep her on her diet she is use to. She loves it.

April 17, 2017
She has really bonded with me. I went to work this morning. My husband stated she kept looking for me. She was very excited to see me at noon. She is having accidents in the house when she gets nervous. She continues to be very frightened and cowers alot. She loves her food and is eating. She sleeps in our bed and cuddles. She sleeps through the night. I have a vet appt this Wednesday. I ordered her vitamins yesterday. I believe we are doing good. I love holding her.

April 19, 2017
Hi Jan,
Brixey continues to learn more each day. She is going up and down stairs with no problems. I took her to the vet today. She got her flea, tic and heartworm medication. Vet said she was at great weight. They really liked her. She has a new bed and enjoys being the princess. She getting lots of love.

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