Buffy and Treasure's Forever Home Update

Buffy and Treasure's
Forever Home

July 29, 2018
Hi Jan,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we absolutely love both Buffy and Treasure. They are settling in nicely to our household. Buffy slept in Gary’s lap and Treasure slept in my lap all the way home. Buffy is so sweet and is constantly wagging her tail. She seems so happy to be here. Treasure is a great little puppy and seems very well socialized. She has even given me a few kisses. Today she explored the house and started playing with the toys. She is a very curious and active little girl. Tonight she and Okie started to play together. They started barking and chasing each each other through the living room. I think they will be great buddies together. Thanks for all you do to help rescue the Pekeatzu babies. You and Bruce are doing a great job
Erika and Gary

July 30, 2018
I just had to write you to let you know how absolutely wonderful of a dog Buffy is! We knew Treasure would be a great little puppy, she and Okie are already best of friends They play endlessly. But I just cannot believe that no one adopted Buffy in all these years. She without a doubt is the sweetest dog we have ever had, we could not be happier with the two of them. I'm so happy that Erika pushed me to take her, as I really only wanted one more dog! We just love her! We will update you with pictures, Thank you again for the perfect dogs!!

October 1, 2018
Hi Jan,
Buffy went for her 1st boat ride yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. She sat in my arms with a breeze in her face for 2 + hours. We left the 2 puppies (Treasure & Okie) at home so she could enjoy her ride without the others trying to steal the show. It was such a pleasure to be able to treat her to such a great afternoon. Here is Buffy in action. Treasure is doing well too. She is full of mischief and recovered quickly from her surgery. She sleeps on my pillow every night and is such a sweetie. We are having a blast with the 3 of them.
Take care!

December 23, 2018
Hi Jan and Bruce,
We hope all is well. I tried to get get a pic of all the pups under the tree tonight but quickly learned that is an impossible trick without lots of obedience training. Here are a few pics of Treasure, Buffy and Okie. They are all doing great. I started using a new groomer who is getting Treasure’s hair looking great. I include a few Pics of her so you can see her coat. It’s absolutely beautiful. Buffy is busy relaxing everyday and likes being parts of the Shih tzu pack. All 3 are all about the same size now and bring so much joy and energy to our household. We are so blessed to have them in our family.
Merry Christmas!
Erika and Gary

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