Butter's and Turbo's Forever Home Update

Butter's and Turbo's
Forever Home

November 17, 2018
Hi Jan,
Turbo did great on the drive home. He slept most of the way. He remains a bit confused with all new stuff and i think he misses his friends. He is getting much love from everyone and is still a happy and active boy. Thanks again for everything.
Tom and Erin

November 20, 2018
Hi Jan,
How are you? Just wanted to let you know Turbo is doing really well, and starting to get comfortable enough to steal wash cloths from the laundry basket and chase leaves outside😊 We have noticed a bit of separation anxiety, and when our moms have come to check on him during the day when we are gone, he is a bit growly at them. I know he hasn’t been here long, and he still has a lot of adjusting and learning to do, but did you ever notice this before with him (an especially a fearful/aggressive reaction to older ladies in particular)? And do you have any tips, since you know him, and have undoubtedly seen this sort of behavior before, with other guys and gals at the rescue? We love him very much and just want him to feel happy and comfortable, so we are hoping for any insights you may have. Instincts tell us he may need a friend to keep him company and help him feel secure during the day, but we were hoping to get through the holidays before adding another family member, if possible, but we are open to ideas. We appreciate any thoughts and insights you can offer. Thanks,

November 26, 2018
Hi Jan,
Things are going really well. It took Butters awhile to relax and come out from under the kitchen table on Saturday. And Turbo seemed a bit Alpha-ish towards him at first, jumping on him, stealing his food and bed and etc. But once they got comfortable together again, they were racing around the yard together, playing and wrestling, following each other around the house, and behaving more like equals. They are like a comedy team! Having his best friend here is helping Turbo feel more at ease too. Butters is the sweetest little angel, and we are so glad we brought him to our home. We are very grateful to you for connecting us with these two sweeties.
Thank you again so much,

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