Cady's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

November 18, 2018
Good morning, Jan!
Cady is adjusting just great! Slept on my bed all night with no issues. Woke up and gave me some kisses. She has gone potty outside 4 times and once in the house. I think that is outstanding considering her first day in a new home. She is the sweetest most precious dog anyone could ever ask for! Loves the couch. Jumps up and down with no problem. Working on getting her used to a leash. That will take a little time. I am so happy I got her. I will keep you posted.

December 10, 2018
Good morning, Jan!
Cady grows sweeter with each passing day! She loves running in the yard and exploring everything. She’s very curious which is fun to watch. At first I had to carry her out then after about a week she bounds out ahead of me and starts running all over. Such fun to see her having a good time. Also doing well on going potty outdoors. She catches on quickly. She has really settled in to her new home. At night she sleeps on my bed in her own bed or close to me. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. Plus she gets lots of belly rubs, especially in the morning when she wakes up. Cady loves her new car seat! Photo taken in living room the day she got it. Ended up taking a nap in it! Today I am taking her for a walk as the streets and sidewalks are not icy. I am so happy to have Cady in my life. She had a wonderful start on a new life being in your care and I am very thankful for that and also that I was the lucky one to adopt her.
Take care,

February 12, 2019
Hi Jan!
Cady is doing so good. We lost power during cold weather so my daughter Jennifer & I took our 3 babies, Cady, Sophie, and Chaz to a hotel for one night and booked for another when power returned. The entire 5th floor was just for dogs. It was a real adventure but we had fun. Everyone in my area and Jennifer’s and Karen’s lost power but everything turned out good. I hope you made it ok through all of this unusually frigid winter. Cady continues to fill my days with much joy. She is a happy girl! Loves to stand on footstool and look out the window. She is so much company. Take care, Jan. I will keep you posted.

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