Twix and Cameo's Forever Home Update

Twix and Cameo's
Forever Home

June 9, 2017
They got their new hair cuts today and did great! Will be easier to keep clean now. And they still look so darned cute. Photos on Facebook

June 19, 2017
So it's storming right now and Twix is totally calm. I turned on music to help distract but there's no drowning it out. Cameo is very aware and paying attention but lying down. Such good girls. So happy and fun. Did you ever hear cameo howl?? Our 20 something niece was over and was trying to get cameo to bark, which she did. And then as stephanie's voice got higher and she sounded more like a howl, cameo responded with a howl. Stephanie got her to do it a few times. Seeing a tiny shih tzu with head tilted back in a howl is a sight to see. And then Twix's funny stunt is to drag her legs behind her going down the foam stairs we have set up by a few benches and ottomans. It is the funniest thing.
They're just wonderful.

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