Culley's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

August 30, 2019
Hi Jan
We have all arrived and Culley has marked the fence line several times already. Attached are some of his new yard and home. He slept the whole way and didn’t make a peep. I will keep you posted with more pics. Thanks again for all you do.

September 2, 2019
Hi Jan,
I knew you were probably waiting on some more news. Culley finally ate all his dinner at one time last night, it had been bits and pieces before that. New bowl and surroundings I am sure. We are waiting on the kelp today and we started salmon oil on Sat. So I think we will be set. Maggie loves the new food and scrapes her bowl clean immediately which usually took coaxing. She is still adjusting to Culley but we knew it would take time. First night Chuck stayed on the couch with Culley, second night I stayed half night on couch and then took him to bed with me. Last night, of course, it was bed all night. He snuggles right up against me and he’s down for the night. Loves to go outside and knows where back door is and no accidents at all. I put the belly band on at night but nothing last two nights. He still loves the couch. Here are some new pictures too. Chuck will be the full time Dad tomorrow as back to work for me unfortunately.

September 10, 2019
Hi Jan,
Culley is so funny. He follows me everywhere and the minute I sit he is in the chair beside me. He loves doing a couple of laps around the back yard at high speed. We finally figured out why he won’t go off the step when it’s dark even with us going with him - as you closed the doggy doors at night. We have to work with him that it is still safe at dark. Maggie has come around too and is loving her new diet. She is jealous and when she sees Culley in my lap she barks until I lift her up as well. He is still not sure about some of the kitties as they try to intimidate him. We just rescue him. That is the only time he has even barked. We thought maybe he couldn’t! He has been every joy we hoped for and was the right choice. I pick up a floor of toys every night and put them back in the basket so they both can do it again the next day. I see you have at least one new pup last week. They are so lucky to have you. Will send some more pics this weekend. Cuddles from Culley

September 22, 2019
I can’t wait to see the calendar. Chuck and I have been talking about Culley, he has just fit into our family so well. He is still sleeping with us of course but he takes a lot less space than Maggie.The two of them are getting on terrific and they eat side by side for every meal and check each other’s bowl to make sure nothing is left. Attached are a couple of pictures from today. It was so nice earlier that we were all out on the deck. He is never far away from one of us, but mostly me if I am home. Chuck thinks he is being snubbed, but meals always work! Take care and hope you had a chance to enjoy the fish!

October 21, 2019
We are still having so much fun with him. He is learning to play fetch with his toys. He is hilarious as he hops with them and pushes them back with his nose. Maggie and he are still getting along so well.

October 19, 2020
Hi Jan,
He is still a special little guy. He loves running in the back yard and he hides behind the tree and waits for you to beg him back in the house. Then he is ready to curl up in one of the many beds or my lap. Now that it has gotten chilly, he has been sitting on the arm of Chuck’s chair when I am at work. Things seems to be a little quieter at your house, you should feel great joy that so many pups have gone with their new families the last couple of months.
Be well and safe!

December 13, 2020
Jan ,
Wanted to share Culley’s new Mohawk hair cut. It was a joke for Chuck and wouldn’t you know everyone lived, except maybe Culley. I put a coat on him today as he was shaking with no hair. He has been attached to one of us all day. Hope you are all healthy.
and have a very Merry Christmas from all of us.
Kathy & Chuck and the furry ones

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