Denzel's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

October 23, 2022
Hi, Jan,
Denzel is doing well. We need to learn steps! But we will literally take it one step at a time. 😁

October 27, 2022
Hi Jan,
I don’t mean to flood you with updates, but want you to see how he is settling in. Just as I had hoped, he and our 5 yr old, Dottie, have become buddies.

January 19, 2023 Hi there!
He is a little stinker and I love him to death! We changed his name to Fizzgig or Fizzy. He reminds me of the little monster from an older movie called The Dark Crystal. That monster’s name was Fizzgig. 😁 Just took this picture. He really likes to talk to you when he wants something.
So happy!

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