Dolly's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

April 5, 2022
I’m glad to say we all made it home safely. Mattie jo and Roxie’s noses are out of joint but they’ll adjust. Dolly has snooped all around the truck and the main floor of our house. The first thing she found was our doggy door in the bedroom and has been in and out several times. She also braved the six steps up to the man cave and followed Ron up there for a scratch. The only problems, and they’re little stuff, are neither she or Roxie ate dinner, so I had to run around to keep hog puss from overeating; she deposited a snerdly in the hallway; and she’s keeping me on my feet trying to figure out where she disappeared to. Right now all three are taking their before bed time naps. She’s very adept at hiding. More tomorrow, Love to auntie Jan and uncle Bruce. 😝🐶🐶🐶

April 7, 2022
Well, we're barreling along at warp speed. Dolly is doing pretty well. She has piddled a couple of times on the floor but I figure that's part of the process. Yesterday, while we were at the funeral in hastings she went out the puppy door and got soaking wet. Janice, our doggy sitter wrapped her in a warm towel and both of them had a good cuddle and nap. She had been going in and out multiple times so I don't know why she stayed out in the rain. Today she's rather hesitant to go out through the door. Might not want to get soaked again. Dolly and Mattie Jo are starting to warm up. Roxie is still pouting. Dolly is eating fine and sleeping well. Onward and upward.

April 11, 2022
Sorry it's been so long without an update. I got sick the day after we picked your baby up, something to do with getting wet and cold the next day at Ron's uncles funeral, and of course about the time I recovered Ron got sick. Anyway, I think Dolly, is perfectly happy. She is definitely a wild child and took a few days to settle in but us now pretty settled down. We're still having some accidents but not as many. Mattie Jo and she get along well but have had some misunderstandings, such as Mattie likes to pounce and Dolly took it as a real threat, so MJ has slowed down her modus operandi. Roxie has been slower to adjust but now all three hang around together without too much discussion. She is letting me groom her with no problem. The next thing we're working on is that's your bed. This is mine. It's her fault. She pooped and peed all over my bed one night. Got to get that piddle pad or outside business straightened out. She is cute and very busy.

April 14, 2022
All I can say about Dolly is that we love this little darling. She’s coming around real fast and is happy and healthy. This morning she woke me up with a wild rampage. She has to be around one of us most the time but did spend time Tuesday exploring the courtyard with MJ and Roxie. Her first experience with a pile of leaves was hilarious. She looked like some sort of forest creature.

April 22, 2022
This morning Dolly woke me up with a wild rampage. She has to be around one of us most the time but did spend time Tuesday exploring the courtyard again with MJ and Roxie. All is well.

July 21, 2022
You didn’t tell me she was a nut case when we got her. Actually we love her but she is quite the character. She gets along great with Roxie and Mattie Jo. At least once a day two of them get into a mock battle and the furniture is flying. We have them all taking at least one walk together daily. She loves riding in the golf cart to explore this big world. She likes leasurely pontoon boat rides, especially if we go visit or have other people with us. She is scheduled with the groomer in two weeks and in the mean time I’m trying to develop some grooming skills. She seems healthy and happy.
Vickie and Ron and the girls

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