Dominque's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

June 28, 2017
Hi Jan,
What can I say about this little love bug that has filled the hole in both my husbands and my heart with pure LOVE, We have had only one accident since being home, she seems to love it here, She has a tiny bed in every room and also one on the front and back porch, she prefers to nap on the front deck, and my husband's shoulder and neck at bedtime, We have a vet appointment for her on the 7th, just routine stuff, We take her out every day in the car so she knows she will always come back home, Her forever home! Her personality is emerging more every day and I don't know if we can deal with any more cuteness, She doesn't bark at all but she does talk to me if she wants to go out. My husband is the photo taker in the family and he has all the pictures of her new life in his phone that I need to download and I will send you more. on another note...I was on the website for Oma's Pride Raw....there are so many, can you let me know which one you had her on.
Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for allowing us to take her home.
Warm regards,

July 2, 2017
Hi Jan,
Just an update, we are all fine and Dominique is a love bug. My husband is in Canada Salmon fishing so I had to take these selfies myself, not one of my talents. Hope all is well with you!
Warm Regards,
Julie, Mike and Dominique

October 23, 2017
Hi Jan,
What can I say " she is my (our life)" We love her so much, She is an angel from Heaven, she has AN AMAZING LIFE, she loves to run and play on our property, she runs like a little rabbit and that tail is always moving LOL, we take her everywhere with us, we have just returned from Florida, she was quite the little lady on the plane... I realize now what you meant when you said she was special and hard for you to let go of, rest assured you made a good decision to let us adopt her, we adore her!! also, we left her on the raw diet and she is healthy and happy, I couldn't thank you enough for this special gift you allowed us to have.
Thank you again for this amazing gift!!
Julie, Mike and Dominique

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