Fizzy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 19, 2022
Hi Jan,
Fizzy is doing great. His tail is up more and he is sleeping in bed with me. He is also getting along great with Fletch.

July 5, 2022
You would love to see the progress Fizzy (now called Fizzigig) has made, Jan! He cuddles right up next to me at night - loves to be scratched and adores his pupnik buddy, Fletch. I had company last week - seven cousins from three different states were here for a reunion. I worried he'd regress but he didn't - not a bit! One evening, while we were all sitting in one room, talking our faces off he snuggled up on the couch between one cousin and me and stayed for over an hour - happy as a clam! I really expected a much, much longer transition. He still has a way to go, of course, but he's doing wonderfully well. If his happy wagging tail is his thermostat, he's as happy as I am. Oddly enough, I think the reunion helped. All my relatives are "dog people," so they took turns spending one-to-one time with him, petting him gently. I guess he decided, "If THIS many humans aren't monsters, maybe it IS safe at this place."

August 13, 2023
Remember how shy my Fizzi was, Peke A Tzu Rescue? Those days are long gone. Now, HE bosses ME around! 😁 If breakfast is served late, he smacks my foot with one paw and looks up as if to say "EXCUSE me! Haven't you forgotten something?!" It love it! I ask, "Remember when you were a scaredy dog, Fizz?" --- He doesn't.

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