Vincent's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

February 1, 2019
Hi! Jan,
Frisco and I made it home. He did very well in the car. He explored the house a little bit now he is on my lap. I will send pictures later. Thanks for being a good and caring rescue person.

February 10, 2019
Hi Jan,
Frisco is adjusting really well. He loves to fall a sleep on my couch with a fleece blanket, that’s what he is doing now. He has learned to go outside on his own without a leash to do his business. My friend Deb and her dog have been going to the pet stores to walk because of the cold and ice and he really likes it. He goes up to the staff and allows them to pet him. Deb gave him a tiny tennis ball for a toy and he was playing with it yesterday morning. He still has his cough but he is continuing to eat, I will ask about it on Thursday when we see the Vet.
Frisco and Holly

May 2, 2019
Hi Jan
I have been meaning to email you, Frisco is doing great. First of all I changed his name and he took to it nicely. His new name is Vincent after Van Gogh because I love art and they both have red hair or should I say fur. He loves to go on walks, he loves to mess up the bed, and play with his small tennis ball. He is very smart and learns quickly. He gets along with my friends dog so we do a lot together, even some car trips. He figured out how to move the fence/gate I had in the kitchen, I found him on the other side when I came home from work one day. Since he hasn’t had any messes in the house except for the first week he has free reign of the house when I am out. He always greets me at the door gets his tennis ball and goes outside to do his business. It this amount he is lying on my lap. I think it is a perfect match!

June 7, 2019
Hi Jan
Vincent got his summer haircut on Wednesday and we just got back from a walk. He had a different adventure this week. My friend Deb and her dog Smokey and I with Vincent went to Bark in the Park. Twice a season the minor league baseball team the Great Lakes Loon’s allows owners to bring their dogs and sit on the lawn sections in the baseball stadium. He was good only growled at the beginning after he got used to it he played a little and watched the other dogs.

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