Gabbie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 25, 2018
Hi Jan,
We are home. Gabbie didnít want to potty and is sitting in our kitchen. We are in the family room just a few feet away. Her toys are out and her food is out. We are just going about our normal routine and letting her sit until sheís comfortable to come join us. She stayed in my arms the entire drive back. We are already in love. Sheís gonna need some quiet time and space and when sheís ready Iím sure sheíll come and find us. Thank you so much. Iíll send pics once she is at ease w us more.

March 26, 2018
Hi Jan,
Today Gabbie went up the steps of the deck by herself! We still havenít had success pottying outside but we are still working on that. She also gave me kisses on the nose today. Sheís learning to use the steps to get on the couch. Sheís not too sure of Derek, I think because he wears shoes that make noise on our wood floors. Lol.

March 30, 2018
Hi Momma Jan,
Iím doing well and getting more at home everyday. My Momma gives me the vitamins and the salmon oil treats everyday and I am eating the new food and I like it. I have a designated potty area with pads but my Momma keeps putting me in the grass.... not sure whatís thatís all about but Iím using my pads until I understand. I play with my toys and my new friend Gizzie is starting to show me things like using the steps to get up on the couch. Iíve stolen some kleenex to tear up and I like to chew on my Momma's ribbons on her hoodie while I sit on her chest. Iím still not too sure about my new daddy but Iím getting better with him everyday. Yesterday I met the groomers when we picked up Gizzie. My Momma took a picture of us. Arenít we pretty? Momma says weíre both naughty but loves us.

April 7, 2018
Attached is the current position of the girls on my lap. Gabbie is great. Starting to play and be rambunctious. Getting lots of kisses. Derek is making her sit in his lap and now sheís not afraid of him any more. We love her and sheís a hoot! Just what our house needed. Still working on going outside but sheís using the pads next to the patio door now so weíre one step closer. Just need some warm weather!

April 13, 2018
Gabbie and Gizzie are getting along great. Gabbie is working in house-training but going on her pads quite well. They both come to greet me when I come home but when daddy comes home Gabbie barks at him. Lol. Hereís a picture of them on the couch with me where we snuggle every night. Thank you again for all you do. Sheís a joy.

April 19, 2018
I am doing great and I actually went over to daddy and begged for some treats. I guess heís alright after all. This is me with my sister Gizzie. We like to give momma this look when she is getting ready to leave for work. We call it the guilt look so she feels bad for leaving us. But during the day we get toys out so she knows we have fun by ourselves. When she gets home we get our vitamin treats so we are really happy. Hopefully soon we will be able to enjoy some outdoor time, if only this snow and cold will go away. Thank you for giving me my new home. I am happy and my momma and daddy are happy with me.

May 13, 2018
Hi there!
Iíve been very busy being very busy. I am full of energy like you always said. I like my daddy now and me and Gizzie play a lot together. My momma laughs because she always puts the toys away and when she comes home the toys are all over the place. Itís been nice enough outside to sit on the deck so momma took this cute picture of Gizzie and I. Thank you for letting me go to my new house. I really love my parents and they love me so much. My momma got me microchipped so I feel official in my new family now :)

June 17, 2018
Hi Jan,
I am having so much fun w my family. Me and Gizzie took a road trip to Texas and I met my cousin Ande who is a big lab mix. Then we picked up my human sister and her two dogs who are now living w us. Their names are Saber and King. We all play and get along well. I am very happy and momma says Iím doing really well at going potty in the grass. Now that itís summer we sit on the deck a lot and watch the birds. I am going to my first grooming appointment next week cuz Iím really fluffy. Thank you for finding my home for me. I do fun things every day and now Mom is home all day for the summer so we walk too.

July 16, 2018
Hi Jan, Iím just checking in to let you know that Iíve really come out of my shell with my new family. My human sister has her two dogs living with us and one of them, Kingston, is a puppy like me. We play together a lot and like to rough house. My best friend is still Gizzie and Iíve attached a picture of her and I in our favorite place. We sit up there so we can watch momma and daddy wherever they go in the house. The big dog is Saber and he is my friend as well.

May 19, 2019
We took the girls to Galena, Illinois for the weekend to break in our new RV. They both did well. They will be traveling w me down to Austin, Texas in the Fall for a month and weíll live in the RV together. Gabbieís doing well. We love her! Giz and Gab make a great pair. Thank you for what you do.
Kaye and Derek

August 22, 2019
Itís been a busy summer for our girls. We spent most of our summer at our cabin up north. We bought life jackets for the girls and they got to ride on our pontoon boat. Now we are headed to South Dakota in our RV. We have lots of fun w the girls and are grateful every day that Gabbie came into our family.
Hope you are well.
Kaye and Derek

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