Georgie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

February 14, 2021
Hi Jan,
Georgie is fitting right in!
Mike and April

February 28, 2021
Hi Jan,
Georgie has settled in well. We love playing with his toys and all the snuggles during the day. He's a smart boy as he has figured out the doggy steps onto our bed after only 2 days. We did have an incident when we first got home. April took his harness off and he bit her hand. She had 3 large puncture holes in her hand. We don't blame Georgie too much for that. He just had a long stressful car ride to a new place and within 10 min of meeting his new 4 legged brother we tried to pull that tight harness over his head. I would have been scared too. We didn't say anything to you right away because we didn't want you to worry about us changing our mind or taking it out on the sweet little guy. We have had nothing but kisses and snuggles since then. He is not an aggressive dog at all. We love him to pieces and he and I have really bonded. From the moment that I get home from school he wants me to hold him and snuggle him. He follows me everywhere. Every morning he climbs up on my chest and gives me kisses. He is all that we wanted in a new family member. He has plenty of love to give and it is much appreciated. We'll send new pictures soon,
Mike and April

March 2, 2021 Hi Jan,
Here are some more pictures of our little Georgie. Snuggles on my chest as we watch TV together. Georgie wishing Michael "good luck" before his game.

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