Gidget's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 30, 2020
We just got home. Gidget went straight for the dog food so I mixed hers with it and she ate. She’s running around being nosy all over the house. All the girls are getting along very well. She was a perfect snuggler in the car on the way home. She knows where her toys are and has flipped the horse around a bit. She’s doing great and we love her already. Thank you for allowing us to make her a part of our family.
PS please send me the adoption pictures so I can brag on Facebook.
Kaye and Derek

June 7, 2020
Hi Mamma Jan, These people wore me out! They took me to their cabin up north in Wisconsin and I played and played. I showed them my not so sweet side by pulling the fluff out of the dog bed and also shredding up a leaf. But Gizzie and Gabbie are starting to let me play with them. The man feeds me treats when I sit by him so I think he’s gonna be alright. My new mom has me next to her all the time because I’m learning to “go potty” and she makes me do it in the grass outside! She gets really happy when I do so I’m really trying to please her. I like the new food and I like to put a piece in my water dish and then paw at it. I’m a crazy little puppy. I think I’ll keep these people. We are back at home now and I’ve tuckered myself out enough to sleep on the deck chair pads. Thank you for taking care of me and finding me a nice home.
PS I am going to the vet tomorrow so they can put my paperwork in their files and meet me. The adventures never seem to stop here.

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