Gretchen's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

July 25, 2020
Hi Jan,
Gretchen aka Charisma is settling in slowly. She is still too excited to rest. She ate dinner and we took a slow walk on the leash down the driveway. Thanks again for everything! She is a sweetheart. Will send more pupdates with her progress.

July 26, 2020
Hi Jan,
Gretchen had a choice of 3 different beds and finally settled into one last night. Sheís learning quickly on the leash with lots of patience, some of the slowest walks weíve ever had in our lives LOL. Her shyness and freezing to touch breaks our hearts but we know it will just take time and love. You had mentioned you use a natural flea and tick repellent. Is this something we can purchase or is it home made? Thank you for all your guidance!

August 1, 2020
Hi Jan!
We canít believe itís only been a week because we canít remember life without Gretchen. Sheís loving her walks and is so smart. Iím reaching out on a couple questions. I got the Nuvet powder and it says to give her a scoop, but there was no scoop included. Do you know if itís about a teaspoon, tablespoon, etc? You indicated feeding is 2/3 cup, is this per meal or per day? Weíve been feeding this amount per meal, hope we havenít been over feeding. Also do you have any recommendations on how to manage the food so we donít waste it? You donít have this problem Iím sure, but the 2 lb package is too much food before we have to freshen up with a new batch. Omas Pride patties may be better so we donít waste? Iím curious if you thaw and re-freeze for the individual packs you sent us home with if thatís a safe option for us. Thank you again for your wonderful work and ongoing support!

August 15,2020
Hi Jan,
Just wanted to give you a pupdate on Gretchen. Sheís taken to Rhys very quickly which isnít surprising since heís home most of the time. She absolutely loves her walks and is starting to talk to us to let us know when she wants to eat and go outside. She can be quite the sassy boss! Our hearts are so full and we canít thank you enough for your dedication to the amazing work you do. Weíll give her a big hug and kiss from you!
Rita & Rhys

November 3, 2020
Hi Jan!
Gretchen is doing great. Sheís become quite the snuggle bug and heart melter. Sheís super bossy in the morning and makes sure we get an early start to the day. Sheís got a neighbor Shih Tzu friend across the street. She loves to explore so we try to mix up our family walks so she experiences wonderful new smells. She doesnít seem to like taking pictures as much as we do. LOL Sheís the light of our lives and weíre so thankful for the awesome work you do. Iíll be sure to give her a hug and kiss from you.
With sincere gratitude,
Rhys and Rita

April 24, 2021
Hi Mama Jan! Gretchen says hi and wants to let you know sheís really starting to find her voice and tell us what she wants when she wants it! Recent milestones: sleeping on her side so we think sheís feeling more comfortable and at ease, gets excited and wags tail when she hears the door before she got scared and anxious, and this girl is a walking machine! She loves to walk and explore so we try to have an excursion to a nature park every weekend. We love her so much and canít believe how much sheís flourishing and growing from the shy timid sweetie pie we first met. We canít thank you enough for the great work you do.
~Rita, Rhys, and Gretchen

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