Izzy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

April 1, 2022
Hi, Jan,
Just wanted to thank you sooo much again for this wonderful little pup! She is running all over the house, super happy, gets along great with the dog and cat, and even went outside and peed twice already :) Sure wish I could send you some pics from my phone - they are adorable ❤
Lorrie & Steve

April 10, 2022
Hi Jan,
Just wanted to give you an update on Izzy. We are enjoying her to the fullest!! She is so funny and a total joy to have around :) I hope that you got the pics that I sent to your phone. Hugs,
Lorrie & Steve

July 17, 2022
Hi, Jan....hope you are having a wonderful summer! We are having the time of our lives over here with Izzy - she is so much fun and gets along beautifully with the others. Can't thank you enough for holding her for us. She is truly a blessing 💕 Thank you and God bless you and all your incredible work and passion for the these dogs.

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