Jingle & Nila's Forever Home Update

Jingle and Nila's
Forever Home

March 12, 2017
Hi Jan,
Well so far no outdoor elimination but that will come, Nila is using the puppy pad regularly now, Jingle, well.... Nila is opening up quite well and both of them slept with us in bed last night without too much trouble. We ran around in the fenced area in back and loved it! One problem, Jingle is spoiled rotten!!! I'm sure you had nothing to do with that :) Thanks so much for saving them and now they're ours, we couldn't be happier!!!!!! Here's a couple of quick photos, we'll stay in touch and send more......

March 13, 2017
Hi Jan,
At first we thought Jingles didn't really know his name but he definitely does, so after going round in circles we decided to stick with Jingle minus the "s". We all got up with Val at 4:00 and then went back to bed and finally got up at 9, they do like to sleep which is great! Nila has to sleep on top of Val and she was playing fetch with her last night, pretty great stuff. They love tearing around out in the back fenced area and they've been out in the snow twice this morning. Still only limited success with using the pad in the house and not much outside but we're working on it, it will take time. I'll send more pics as time goes on.

March 14, 2017
And one more blurry photo, playing in the basement. Nila has really opened up as you had said she would, we haven't heard Jingle bark yet but Nila does, it looks like shes going to be our guard Shih Tzu :) I was watching an instructional video with a man speaking and she looks around and barks every time I start it, too cute.

March 17, 2017
Hi Jan
The panties arrived for Nila, thanks much! We haven't had any more bed accidents but waking up damp is no fun so we'll use them at night. They both pretty much have the stairs figured out now, Nila was first, Jingle is more timid and gets stuck sometimes but he's getting there and he's actually using the puppy pad more or less, he misses most if the time but he's getting the idea. Pooping is another matter and Nila is actually more of a stealth pooper than Jingle and it appears around randomly, have to work on that!

March 20, 2017
Hi Jan,
One question first, I assume it's safe to stop the eye med for Jingle at this point? Also, it looks like I'll be able to order the Oma's Pride, they're going to start shipping online orders to Michigan. Both pups are now full fledged stair climbers. Since the weather is a bit warmer I've been able to get them out on the deck and they discovered the stairs that go around the side that connect the deck to the lower level patio and they love it! So now when I ask them if they want to go outside they're starting to get it and want to go out. Nila it appears is a bit a bit of a barker and she'll go at it if she sees a refection or wants up in your lap and Jingle seems to be getting the idea about doing his business outside and uses the pad inside consistently now. All in all things are progressing much smoother than we had expected. Here's a few more photos, not always easy getting a good shot , they move every time :)

April 1, 2017
Hi Jan,
Babies are great! Two days of rain was not much fun and there was plenty of yellow water distributed around the place, they do like to go outside. I think Nila is about the same weight as Jingle now. They need a bath and I'm thinking Jingle will be the most cooperative. I'm thinking about taking them in the shower with me, I used to do that with our previous dogs until Bella wouldn't tolerate it and would bang the door open and run away, quite a mess. I'm hoping that poop eating didn't start with us, I have to watch them like a hawk, they've seem to have adopted a recycling mentality.
Take care...

April 25, 2017
Hi Jan,
I meant to send an update the other day but the usual things got on the way. Is the dryer working as expected? They both had baths on Sunday, Val started with Nila and she hated it, Jingle felt left out and asked to have one after Val was done with Nila, seriously he did and seemed to love it, he loves getting brushed, our previous pups used to draw blood. They look great all fluffy, their hair is longer now, we're taking them to the groomer we've used since 1999 in a few weeks. I want to let Nila's ear tips get longer and see what happens. Jingle is quite an unusual little guy, as I'm sure you know, at first I thought that he maybe didn't care that much for me and he still rarely wags his tail when he sees me, Nila's wags constantly, he actually does more tail wagging with Val but he's always followed me around everywhere. In the last week or so though he's gotten much closer to me so I have no more concerns about him liking me, his responses are just different than I'm used to and I think it has a lot to do with him having limited contact with men maybe? They're both quite nervous about human strangers, lot's of barking and peeing, we have to work on getting them more socialized, it will take some time. For the first two weeks roughly we hardly heard a peep out of them, then Nila started talking a bit and now Jingle has decided that there's a whole big world out there to bark at, he was so quiet before, now he's become the neighborhood mouth, we're going to have to work on that also :) He does have a beautiful voice though! Did he ever bark with you? I attached an MP3 of them doing a duet, it's too bad videos are so big or I'd send some. Jingle has eye surgery on May 2nd and we're trying to figure out how to handle things, has Nila ever been apart from Jingle? I'm going to do some sessions and separate them for a bit and see how they act so that hopefully we can separate them when needed without causing undue distress. We'll probably take Nila with us. Housebreaking is still broken but getting better, Jingle does most of his business outside but likes to do occasional acts of terror like pooping on the couch when you least expect it. Nila likes to do her business outside or inside, she's not particular. Here's a couple more photos..... Take care for now, BTW if you're ever out this way please call and stop by and say hi!

December 4, 2017
Hi Jan,
Sorry to take so long getting back with an update, the basement project is pretty much done now so I have more time now. First I have to say that many times I have felt that you gave me YOUR dog Jingle. He was always a bit standoffish to me and would never wag his tail for me. During the early parts of the basement renovation I couldn't spend enough time with them and Jing started acting out by peeing and pooping on several of our couches, not fun. Once I could devote the time to him it was like a light went off in his head and his behavior to me changed dramatically as if he finally accepted me completely. He follows me everywhere and stares at me constantly and even wags his tail occasionally. The house breaking has greatly improved also, we still have some work to do but they're way better than they were, miss Nila likes to pee frequently so we have to be diligent but she likes to go out.
We hope you have a great holiday and will keep the updates coming!!
Best regards,
Leo & Val

March 22, 2018
Hi Jan!
I hope all is well with you, I thought it was time to send an update. I made a donation to help out, you should see it soon. Jingle keeps surprising us, I thought when I sent the last message that he had completely adjusted to us but he just keeps getting more and more loving and attached to us, who would have thought it would take a year for him to adjust? He's a very smart and clever boy but tries not to show it. We got rid of the puppy pads and use the band and panties now exclusively. I think this is helping a lot with getting them to do their business outside, no scent left in the house and nothing to clean up and they're doing more sniffing out in the dog run so hopefully we're on the road to house broken, Jing is just about there, Nila will take more time. Nila is finally getting a fuller coat largely due to us having the groomer leave her longer, trying to get a good shot of her is near to impossible She's beautiful in her scruffy pigpen attire, you comb her and a little later she looks like this: Jing and Nai love the window seat in my office, Jing likes to bark at the Squirrels of course, I have to clean the window every few days. Jing is definitely relaxed these days, what a handsome little devil he is. I can't imagine them not being together, we feel so lucky to have them both, our Vet commented about how cute they each are individually, but the two of them together are really something. Take care for now, again if you're ever in the area please stop by!
Best regards,
Lee & Val

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