Julep's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

July 9, 2018
Hi Jan!!
Just wanted to update you on Julep. She is doing very well!!! Today she has started playing with the other dogs. She eats and sleeps well. She's very cuddly. She is very shy with new people but still does well. She's still not sure of Gary but will lick him in bed. Not the best pics but she really seems happy. She's totally bonded to me. So all is well. We love her!! Hope you are doing well.
Take care,

July 20, 2018
Hi Jan,
Julep is still doing very well. She's still nervous around new people, to be expected.. She's very slowly warming up to Gary. She growls a little at him and Bandit so just a matter of time. Still getting comfortable. Overall doing very well. Has nice play sessions with other dogs. They're careful around her. I carry her down deck steps to go potty , shes still learning steps. I always stay out with her. We really love her!! She's adorable!!
Take care Jan.

September 5, 2018
Hi Jan
Sorry I haven’t communicated with you recently. Julep is doing very well. She seems very happy and adjusted. Hope you are doing well. We are really enjoying Julep. Gary and her have play time at night at bedtime, so she is warming up to him. Ill try to send pics soon.

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