Kinsey's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

November 16, 2018
We made it home safe and sound! Right now I have all 3 dogs snuggling with me on our office room couch watching Netflix!

November 19, 2018
Hello Jan,
Sorry that the attached is a little blurry. But it shows “all my babies” (My husband, daughter, and 3 fur babies: Shadow, Yoshi, and Kinsey, kitty is missing. He is too old…we leave him to rest)!
The first day we got home, Kinsey was pretty much terrified and didn’t hardly move. She hovered by me most of the day and slept in my daughters bed all night. Day 2 she actually got up and started cautiously exploring around a bit, but kept running back to her “safe spot” near the sliding door next to the fridge under the “cats” food table. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend, so the other dogs always hover as they learned “good things come from the kitchen. So maybe that’s why she chose that spot? I think she also liked that spot because it was near the door and the water bowl too.
By day 3 she actually got out of bed on her own (early!) and started exploring. My daughter had a friend over and they were sleeping in the living room and said she was acting very playful with them when she got up. She also starting interacting more with the other dogs and actually was following us around the house as we went to room to room and also followed the other dogs ( at a “safe” distance). At bed time she slept with me and Shadow. (Yoshi decided he wanted to sleep in his “basket bed” next to my bed.).
This morning, my daughter was up at 6am for school and she said Kinsey came running out to greet her and was interacting with my daughter and acting playful. After dropping my daughter at school I came home and Kinsey was bringing me toys and wanting me to chase her. Shadow came out and they played for a little bit. Kinsey was starting the play! Kinsey also rolled over and showed me her belly. She did the same thing a little later when she and Shadow were playing. My husband says that is a real good sign that she is feeling safer already with everyone! I had to work in the office today, but I waited until my husband got home from work around 9am as we don’t want to leave them alone unsupervised yet.
She has been exploring the back yard. Last night she actually went down the deck steps for the first time on her own. (looks like she did not have much experience with “steps” so we have a baby gate blocking of the down stairs right now. Kitty “jumps” over the gate when he wants to come up, but it restricts Kinsey from access to the down stairs for now).
She has been going potty outside whenever we let her out. (she follows the other dogs). She follows them around the yard too. She likes to be outside, even though she was shaking it was so cold! We tried to put one of Yoshi’s coats on her, but she hated it. She was stiff as a statue and wouldn’t walk or anything. Once we took it off her she went back to exploring the back yard.
She has only had one incident where she went poo in the house, but she did it right by the back door! So I think she’s going to be an easy train on the potty training thing! Helps our older dogs are showing her the ropes.
My husband says there was only one incident today where there was some growling from Yoshi. Yoshi got “jealous” because she went to his ‘toy basket” and grabbed a toy that was “his”. Once Ty picked up the toy basket, Yoshi was fine. Yoshi was fine with her having “her” toys and some stuffed animals that used to be my daughters, he just does not want her to play with “his toys”...even though he only plays with one or two favorites… he still “knows” which ones are “his”. So we will need to work on his “sharing” skills. (Up to now he was the spoiled “baby”…so he might be going thru a little bit of “middle child” jealousy…but he likes to play so much he gets over it quick!)
Sooo…. so far, so good! She seems to be adjusting well! She is eating and drinking fine since day 1. Just needs some more time getting used to the house and personalities and schedules of everyone. She seems to really like my husband a lot. But after he goes to bed, she is a mamma's girl. And she likes to play with my daughter too. But our daughter is 15 and pretty busy, so she is gone a lot with sports and school etc. Will keep you posted as we progress! She is sooo sweet!

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