Lainy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

June 18, 2020
Hi Jan!
We have spent lots of time wandering around the house and we LOVE the yard! So far we are ignoring the loud noise coming from big sister. She’ll take some time getting used to me. We still have a down tail but got some happy wags. I think we’ll settle in here just fine. Thanks for all you did and we will keep you updated!

June 23, 2020
Hi Jan!
Making lots of progress here. She is doing great and much more comfortable. She is now cuddling with me and chosen her favorite beds. What a sweet little girl.

July 18, 2020
Can't say enough about this little girl. It is amazing how quickly she has settled in to her home. We just love her!

October 30, 2020
Oh my gosh has it really been that long?! Miss Lainy seems quite comfortable these days. She’s found she can jump on the couch, when she first came home even the 2 stairs into the house were difficult! She has learned how to sit, stay, paw, lay down, come up on my knee and we are working on high five. She has the fastest zoomies and such a curly tail that I just cannot get a picture of because she insists on wagging it almost constantly. She has also learned that squeaky toys are lots of fun. I feel awfully lucky to be able to come home to her.

November 2, 2020
She certainly has settled in quite well! Did you know she spins when she's excited?! It's one of the cutest things, mostly before meals. Lainy has definitely cuddled right into our couches, our beds and our hearts. Thank you for all you have done. Without you, we could not have Miss Lainy.

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