Sammie & Gracie's Forever Home Update

Sammie & Gracie's
Forever Home

May 13, 2018
Hi Jan!
Hope your mother's day is going great! I know mine is - the girls are just wonderful! They are so tired though - quite the long day for them. The ride home was scary for both but they did good, on my lap the whole way. Loved the front yard as soon as they got out of the truck. So far they have been out 4 times and business taken care of - no accidents in the house. Sammie of course came right in and quickly navigated and explored every room and made herself comfortable on the couch. Gracie is enjoying all the attention and never leaves our side. Sammie has already shown how "Alfa" she can be by pouncing on Gracie. She didn't listen when we talked about being nice to her now forever sister lol. Of course we had some "loving" discussion" and now she's sucking up and being a little lady. They both ate well and have already had treats of green beans, carrots and a few apple slices. Neither will drink water out of the bowl, that's going to take some work. I think they miss all the pupsters around them though and of course you and Papa! So grateful for these little angels! And oh - they are both in love with their new daddy! Hope you enjoy the pics I'm sending.

May 28, 2018
Good morning Jan!
Happy memorial day to you and all the pupsters! Wow - so love Sammie and Gracie! Our quiet lives have become very active with these two little angels! So much love! Everyday we and they learn new things. Since arrival, only one little accident in the house the first day - they are now fully house trained and on a regular potty routine outside. Feedings and treats are going good (love snap peas, green beans, carrots, and watermelon) and you are right - Gracie can be a little piggy! Still not drinking water, so we add water to their Omas Pride. Vet visit was interesting. Sammie is getting better with sharing our new family with Gracie. They are now laying down together and always walk side by side outside. The pics attached show "loving sister's" sharing! So cute! Sammie is playing now with her toys and loves to fetch her ball. Still working with Gracie - she'd prefer to watch. They both love night time, both sleeping with us, Sammie touching daddy and Gracie sleeping with Mommy up by mommy's pillow. Gracie is the first one up every morning at 5 a.m.! We took them to get their first bath - that was fun! Some days I think they miss all the pupsters activities and of course Mama Jan and Papa Bruce but they sure have adjusted to their new forever home! Such good little girls!

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