Mattie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

January 12, 2019
Mattie Jo is such a darling and very smart. She has learned commands like, "let's take your coat off/put it on", "want some dinner?" (And sits patiently while I give Roxie hers first and doesn't try to steal it anymore), "let's go outside and pee" (still manages to leave me a puddle in the house occasionally), "where's Roxie", "leave it", "no, no". She is still timid with strangers and fearful of other dogs though she and Roxie are getting along great; share the water bowl, sit together on somebody's lap, sleep side by side occasionally, and play together really well. She and Roxie play together, run together, etc, much better than Roxie and poor missed Rowdee did. When she gets scared she flattens out and will do that sometimes when I approach her. I think she remembers someone approach her when she didn't know whats going on.She has chosen to sleep with me much to Ron's disappointment, and when we're gone she lies in my favorite chair. Her first trip to the groomer was interesting. She stood there very still with her head down the whole time. The head groomer has lots of dog experience and has asked to groom her each time. I think she realizes Mattie's insecurity. She did better at the vets with the lady vet than she did with the man vet. All the gals pets have been rescue. I think she needs to get used to both of them in case one is gone and we need an appointment. She'll eat absolutely anything so we have to be careful with food. She got into a bowl of pistachios with shells, swallowed them whole and barfed them up which was good because the bowl included a Mac nut out of the shell and she threw that up too. Being very careful with nuts but she got up on a table to get into that bowl. She has learned that she can't go into the basement or other bird room without being invited. Smart puppy. Sending you a pictures but don't look at me. I've had the mother of all colds and didn't photo well.
Hope all is well.

November 9, 2018
Hi Jan,
Just wanted to let You know things are going pretty well. Mattie Jo is quite relaxed, exploring the main floor of the house where the dogs will be most of the time. We've taken her out in the courtyard and puppy yard but not sure if she peed out there or not. Of course the sleet and wind don't make being outside much fun. She did pee in the main room. Thank goodness for tile! Right now Ron and both dogs are up in the man cave.
More tomorrow.
Vickie November 10, 2018
It is going very well here. I slept with Dad last night with no problem. So far no accidents. I am going outside for my duties. Roxie is still adjusting. We went for our first tour of my new surroundings on a leash today and I love it. Thank you Auntie Jan for finding my new home.

November 11, 2018
Well, we've made it to Sunday afternoon. We can't believe how well things are going as there have been only a couple if glitches. She took a long walk on a retractable leash with Roxie and me this morning, all the way nearly to the end of the road, and the only hiccup was when Tango next door happily came out to greet her with a toy hanging from his mouth. Maybe she's never seen a dog that big before and didn't realize he's a big love muffin and only wanted to play. Both Roxie and Mattie Jo did real well walking together with their retractable leashes. She had her first accident when Tango' s mom and dad came to meet her and she got so excited she tinkled. Roxie is still unsure of the whole thing but is improving. I did have to move her feeding station to the corner in the bedroom because Hog Puss kept chasing her away from her food. Mattie is very unsure of the stairs still but I'm sure eventually she'll tackle them. Until then she gets carried up down. She hangs out mainly on the main floor. She is a real lap dog and doesn't seem too picky as to whose lap it is.
Till tomorrow,

November 16, 2018
Hi Jan,
It's been a couple of days since I've updated you but we've been really busy. I'm more than happy to say that things are going much better than I had hoped for. Both babies are getting use to each other. They are so cute walking down the road side by side and chase each other on the dam. They've both even shared a nap or a bed together. Mattie didn't like Tuesday night, however, as it is the one time we are both gone for 4-5 hours. I volunteer at Eles Place in Lansing that night working with kids who have lost a loved one and Ron goes to see his 97 year old mother for the evening. We got home and Mattie was hiding behind a chair until she could see who was coming in then got so excited she piddled running towards me. We've had only one real accident and that was this morning when I was rushing to pick up my grandson to take to the hospital for a presurgery test, and ignored her asking to go outside. My Bad. She has a vet appointment the Monday after thanksgiving. My only concern is that her nipples don't seem to be shrinking very fast but I guess I can always put her in bras. I've not had experience with post baby boobs before. She is such a snuggle bug. Totally different than Rowdee or Roxie. She doesn't sit on you, she oozes into your skin. We love her.

November 23, 2018
Mattie Jo is doing very well. We had three guests for thanksgiving dinner and she settled down after just a little bit. One funny thing, maybe, is that the person who rattles her the most is Ron's 97 year old mother and I can't help but think it's because of her cane, which again makes me wonder if she's been hit with a stick. She is really getting a handle on the going outside to puddle business very fast. The trickiest time is first thing in the morning but she goes real fast if she's escorted outside right away. She doesn't really like going out in the doggy yard by herself. We truly think she's become so affectionate so fast because of her time with you. She follows us around and lies on the kitchen floor while I'm getting dinner. And shes a real bed hog at night. She wants me to tell you she hopes you had a really good turkey day and she loves you.

November 26, 2018
Mattie says to tell you HI! She had a very busy day today. Looked outside to see the ground covered with snow. At first she was very curious about it but after wading through it to puddle she decided she didn't like it at all. Too cold, I guess. This afternoon she went to meet her new vet and liked her very much but I think she was rattled by the whole thing but she behaved herself. Dr. McClure and I talked about rescue dogs. All her pets have been rescue and she thinks that's why they make such affectionate companions....they're grateful for being saved. Right now Mattie Jo is curled up on my lap. We're going to read a book tonight. Hope all us well at Peke A Tzu.

November 30, 2018
Guess what MaMa Jan. We're doing just fine. Ran around today sniffing at all the animals trails. Found something called deer tracks and saw something big in the sky Daddy Ron called bald eagles, but he said not to worry they aren't into Chinese food. Don't know what that meant but I'm ok with it.
Mattie Jo

December 6, 2018
Mattie Jo is doing very well. She went back to the vet Wednesday and her eyes and ears got a clean bill of health. She is learning fast. For a while she was having piddling in the house problems but that has stopped. She either goes outside or at night on a piddle pad. She understands most commands the most important being No to being in the aviary or prowling cage bottoms for dropped goodies. The birds eat things dangerous to dogs. She's very affectionate but remains afraid of strangers, other larger dogs and the UPS truck. Time should get that all worked out. The first time I took her to the vet she crouched down and hid on the table and I had to carry her in and out. This time she came in and out on leash and after her exam trotted to the bench under the windows and watched the traffic go by. Definite improvement. I've tentatively made an appointment with my groomer for a couple of days before Christmas. She is definitely very comfortable with the house and us.

December 13, 2018
Mattie Jo has decided she's been good long enough and has turned into a little imp. She unrolled a roll of toilet paper and dragged it all over the house. She decided the goodies in the bottom of bird sleeping cages trumped her fear of the long flight of stairs so we have to be sure to keep the door to downstairs closed. We have to gate her off from the main bedroom for two reasons: carpets are better piddle pads than piddle pads. She eats faster than Roxie so poor Roxie has been moved to a bedroom corner for meal time . Its too cold to go outside to piddle so the entry hall is fair game, especially when there are piddle pads to pee next to. There is no way she'll sleep past 7:00 so when she gets up somebody has to hurry to go outside for the morning flood. She doesn't know eventually I'll win, little imp.

March 11, 2019
Hi Peke A tzu people and pupsters.
It's been a while since I last checked in with you, but I want you to know that all is well in my new home. The crappy weather (What smart doggy wants to go out in the cold, wind and rain to tinkle when there's totally good floors in the warm house) has kept us all cooped up but I do have a couple of complaints about that. Mom always looks irritated when I go in the house even though it's always the same well concealed spot. When mom and dad get bored they go someplace and leave me and my sister home and return smelling like delicious food. Sometimes they take us to a friend's house and they have this little white dog there. I'm still nervous around scary dogs like that even though it's a lot smaller than we are. I hear them talk about me getting use to new experiences. Mom says I act like a Prima Donna, whatever that is but I like warm laps, warm beds and food, lots of it all the time. I am very happy here and getting along great with my sister. We do lots together: scatter toys, run fast chasing bunnies in the vacant lot and squirrels on the deck. I lie on the kitchen rug and help mom make dinner. I've learned to stay out of the bird areas when mom says "stay"; to go outside when she says "Time to piddle "; to stop when she says "leave it"; to stop barking at delivery men when she says "no bark". She says I'm very smart and gives me a treat. Fifteen minutes ago I got some blueberries. I hope all is well with you guys and the pupsters.
Thank you for taking such good care of me after I got out of that "place" and for finding me a great home.
Mattie Jo

March 26, 2022
it’s been a long time since I’ve updated you on Mattie Jo who we got from you about four years ago. I want you to know she has become a cuddly, affectionate, funny girl. It was difficult the first two years but gradually she overcame her fears and developed trust for people who come around here and decided the piddle pad was ok. We had a lot of accidents initially but not anymore. She has decided her job is to protect our property. She sits where she can see out the bedroom slider clear to the lot across the street. If anybody imposes she’s out the door to the gate into the court yard letting them know she’s on the job. The funniest is when she goes after the black lab from next door and chases him back home, biting his ankles all the way. We did have her eyes lashes taken care of during the first break when Covid restrictions were lifted. The vet did a wonderful job on them and she’s had no problem since then. I do toy with the idea of a third dog and keep looking at Godivas picture. Is she still available, and if so, what’s her personality like. Mattie, age 7;and Roxie, age 10 get along great and wouldn’t want to make a problem if adding another dog would be wrong.

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