Mona Lisa and Jean Ralphio's Forever Home Update

Mona Lisa and Jean Ralphio's
Forever Home

September 26, 2020
Home with the babies. They were absolute angels in the car.

October 7, 2020
Babies are doing amazing! We know how to sit, wait, and give kisses on command as well as walk on a leash. We currently think leaves and sticks are free treats but we are working on it. We’ve been out for taco Tuesday and pizza on a Wednesday. Everyone just loves us and thinks we are the absolute cutest. Potty training is going great and we sleep in our crate by the bed at night without a peep. Oh we’ve also decided that our hoomans nice throw pillows are the best beds in the house.

November 13, 2020
Fresh babies! They did really well at their grooming, the ladies adored their sweet little faces.

December 6, 2020
Mona Mischief Lisa is nothing but a floof ball of sass and trickery haha always stealing toys from poor Jean and hiding treasures in her she-cave (under the coffee table). But she knows how to turn on the sweet eyes and kisses for daddy, she has him completely wrapped around her tiny paw (photo of her sleeping on daddy added). She’s lucky she is so stinking cute. Jean boy likes to stand near the scene of the crime and look at us like “ohhhh mom and dad, look at what Mona had done” and makes a point to tip his head down and back to gloat at Mona when he is getting love. He’s a good boy but he knows it haha. He still dotes upon his baby toy, I’ve added a photo. So happy we got them both, they do love each other and play all day long. Here is another video of them this evening.

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