Muffin's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

April 26, 2018
Hi Jan,
Thank you so much for Muffin! She is just a beautiful little girl. She is just like one of the kids, she loves to go to the patio with Mickey and does her business, a few mistakes but she is getting better. She loves to sit on my lap and gives kisses. She has been going on long walks and now sets to get her leash on just like the boys. Does really good, walks right along with the boys. All my girls have come to see her and they think that she is beautiful, her color is really pretty. She is a little shy with them yet but will come around. She and I both think she has found a forever home, she acts like she has always been here. I love her to pieces. Once again thank you so much for making our lives happier.
Hugs to all of you,

May 17, 2018
Hi Jan,
I was waiting until they get groomed to send you pictures but we are taking good ones around the house for you also. Just to let you know Muffin is the best little girl and she is so happy, it's like she has been here forever. She plays with her toys all the time, walks great on the leash, pees and poops on the walk, loves the patio area, goes out all the time with Mickey. She sleeps with me every night and if she has to go out I wake up with her kissing my face and jumping around, then after she goes, she gets back in bed and waits for me to get up. She just fits in perfect, she loves me a lot and I love her so much. God gave me what I needed, lots of love. Everyone says she is a doll baby, gets along fine with the boys. It just could not be anymore perfect, for her or the boys and me. She is beautiful with such a sweet attitude! Thanks so much Jan for giving her to me, I thank God every night, so don't worry about her, she is so happy with her new home, forever home. Thanks again Jan, for making it happen. Will send pictures when she gets prettied up!

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