Naomi's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

September 8, 2022
Hi Jan,
We just wanted to let you know that little Naomi is doing good!!! She is getting along with Sydney and Ramona! and George too. She is so sweet and loves Miriam. The two of them can’t take their eyes off each other…thanks again for giving us another pup to love.

September 18, 2022
Hi Jan,
Naomi definitely stole my heart and I’m so happy. She is the best little shadow dog and follows me everywhere and loves all the cuddles. She loves going on her back, kicking her hands in the air and getting all the belly rubs! We go on daily walks, she loves stopping and taking in everything and is very curious! She is so silly and excited when I get home, she runs to me and then runs to get her favorite lambchop to show me! She melts my heart.

October 21, 2022
Hi Jan,
I just wanted to send an update on little Naomi! I don't know how, but I just love her more and more everyday! She is such a spunky girl and has so much personality. Naomi has grown quite attached to me, as I have her. She loves cuddling when we go to bed and waking up to our morning walks and napping as close as possible to me wrapped in a blanket (she also loves her sweatshirts when it's cold!). Naomi gets a burst of energy after she eats and loves to go on her back and kick all around like she's running, it makes me laugh every time! My mom says I definitely spoil her, but I'd say she's worth it! She puts a smile on my face every time I see her and so grateful we found her.

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