Nellie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

December 2, 2022
Hi, Jan,
She is doing so well it is amazing. She has only had a few accidents in the house and seems to have adapted quickly to our routine. She is such a little sweetheart. She is sleeping under the desk now. She always follows one of us around:) She did end up sleeping in bed with us last night. We started out with her in her own dog bed, but she decided after lights out she would join us. I figured if she could make it up in the dark I might as well let her stay.

December 20, 2022
Hi Jan,
I just wanted to give you an update on Nellie. She is just the best little pooch and has completely stolen our hearts:) We found a super bouncy ball for her that she just loves! She is a hoot to play with as the ball goes in crazy directions sometimes and she races around trying to catch it. She plays fetch a little with her stuffed toy too. She fits in so well. Her and Sadie get along really well together. She has been good for Sadie in that Sadie is more active now with Nellie here. Neither wants to miss out on anything. Nellie still isn't up for going for walks but we keep working on it. I've got to walk to the end of our driveway so far and then she has had enough.
Take care,

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