Oakley's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

October 31, 2020
Hi Jan,
I just wanted to let you know that Oakley is doing well and settling in. The car ride here went very well. He gobbled up dinner and has been a brave boy investigating his new house. I didn't think he knew how to do stairs but he's seemed to pick up on coming in the house without any problems. He had put his feet on the first step while my mom and I were in the backyard with him. By chance, my dad was in the house and called him a couple times and in he went. We haven't tried anything bigger than those couple and haven't tried going down yet but I was impressed. We'll check back in with you soon to let you know how things continue.
Thanks for all that you do!
Take care,

November 13, 2020
Update via phone call: Oakley is doing great. He has learned steps and loves his walks. He is still a little piggy and loves his food. Oakley still is not playing a lot, but is doing better. Strange noises still frighten him, but that is also improving. All and all he is adjusting well.

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