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Paris & Phoebe's
Forever Home

January 14, 2017
Hi Jan!!
I wanted to send you an update sooner but between spending time with the girls and our daughter's cheer meet today, we have been pretty busy :)
Paris and Phoebe are absolute gems!! Phoebe was first to warm up as I am sure you knew would probably happen. Last evening was definitely an adjustment period for them. Phoebe was all about the adventure :) Once she got going her little legs wouldn't stop! She investigated every inch of the house that she could. She was also the first to tucker out and decide that it was time for bed! She definitely already knows which blanket and bed are hers, going straight to it every time. Today was a whole new adventure for her. She has really opened up. She walks all over the house and seems like she is leaning towards being a daddy's girl. She is so amusing to watch when she gets playful and thinks that her tail is chasing her :) She did throw up this morning right after she woke up, but it was clear and minimal. I was worried about it but it hasn't happened again and she has been all activity all day long. My daughter's boyfriend stopped by and she even greeted him at the door!
Paris was more hesitant when we got home. I had to coax her to come out of the carrier, then we just kind of let her have some space. Eventually, she wanted to know what everyone was doing and came closer to check things out. She surprised me when she leaped onto the couch!! I never saw it coming :) Then she surprised me again when she climbed onto the top of the couch to take a nap! Last night it was hard for her to settle because she seemed very restless but finally she snuggled in the bed with me and she snores!! haha
Today Paris was the first to get up and has been my constant companion all day. She liked watching me do my hair and make-up. She is definitely a cuddle bug! That's another reason it took me so long to send this email. She decided to nap in my arms while I was trying to type :)
They have both eaten fine today and seem to be more settled. They are not really getting the concept of going potty outside, but we understand that it takes time, patience and persistence. We are trying to establish a schedule for them and are using the panties (they are so cute). I am having a little trouble with Paris's panties staying snug but they are working great. We love the girls tremendously and are so happy to have them in our family.
I will definitely keep you updated and plan to send more pictures. Until then here are some pictures that we have taken. I hope you enjoy them.

January 16, 2017
I hope you were able to see the pictures. I sent them separately because I remembered the difficulty that I had sending the ones of the house. The girls have opened up even more today! They truly seem to be getting comfortable. We also had potty victories today!! Paris is my constant companion. I am so happy to have met her! 🐶❤️ She definitely has a personality. She constantly loves to be where I am. Usually she lays on the couch on a blanket or her favorite place is on top of the couch or recliner. She let us see a little spunk today. I took a video of her rolling around and messing up her hair on the couch. She is also getting a little more adventurous. Phoebe is a ham! She loves to chase her tail and is pretty much on the go all day. At night she seems to know when she is ready for bed! She definitely knows which bed and blanket are hers. I mentioned it before but today it was clear. She's a curious little bug. Anytime she hears a noise it's Phoebe to investigate! Ha ha. Everyone in the house has laughed at her antics. Today I went out in the backyard with Brian to fix our back gate that had come open. We were talking and heard barking. We looked over into bay window in our dining room that faces the backyard...Paris was in the window barking! That was the first we had heard her bark! I went up to the window and her little tail was just wagging away. Then I looked down and Phoebe was there barking too but with her little legs she could only stand up to the window. We had only heard one bark from Phoebe so far. We love both of these adorable little angels. We feel very blessed to have them in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the work that you do for these precious babies and for uniting our family with our Paris and Phoebe.
Here are a couple of more pics that tell it all.
Lots of love,
The Casad Family

January 22, 2017
Hi Jan!
The girls went to see Dr. Suzi bright and early Saturday morning. They had a wonderful first visit, both girls were so good. Phoebe was a little anxious but did well. Phoebe's Seborrhea is clearing up nicely. Dr. Suzi said it looked good and did not think it is severe enough to do any oral medication. So we are just going to continue with what we are doing which she agreed. You were right about Paris's hot spot. Dr. Suzi was happy that the area is small and appears to already be drying up. She also recommended triple antibiotic ointment. Dr. Suzi told us that she is not opposed to the raw diet and even gave us supplement and treat recommendations. Phoebe still weighed 4.6 lbs. I am a little concerned because Paris is an even 5 lbs. so she lost 4 oz. I have noticed for the past couple days that she is not eating all of her breakfast even though she sounds like she is gulping down all of her food. Can she be finicky? She loves her green beans though! We love them both so very much! They both have us all wrapped around their little paws 🐾 Everyday is something new, but we feel like they are adjusting so well. Paris is my little shadow but she has snuggled with everyone, even daddy got some snuggles and kisses! They definitely know what they want and when! We also saw Paris be a little bossy to Phoebe today, but in her defense Phoebe WAS trying to steal all of the green beans>br> Pics to follow.

January 30, 2017
Hi Jan,
I just wanted to give you a quick update. The girls are settling in so good. We have definitely set up a regular daily routine with them. Both of the girls have let their personalities show. We all love them so very much! They have both filled the house with their presence. Today was bath day, don't they look beautiful?

February 16, 2017
Hi Jan,
It's been a great month! Paris and Phoebe are definitely fully established in the family. They have their routines and know what they like. Phoebe has started to mimic Paris in almost everything, it's kind of like 'monkey see, monkey do'! I just bought a new car this week. It's a little smaller than my last one and the girls love it! I bought them a booster seat for the car. I have to say that Phoebe took to it right away but Paris took a bit because she constantly likes to be held. However, now they both love being it in and looking out the window. They go everywhere with us. They are both so precious and such a blessing to us. They are going to their fur-dresser soon so I will be sure to send you a few pics. Here's a couple of recently taken photos.

April 22, 2017
Hi Jan,
I just wanted to send you a quick email with pictures from the little birthday celebration for Paris today. She was treated to some birthday shopping and treats. She just knew it was her special day! Oh, and we didn't leave out little Phoebe, she enjoyed Paris's day too. They got new outfits, a new bed, a birthday cookie and some home baked birthday treats. Paris as always is a little diva, she wore her birthday tiara like a pro!

August 8, 2018
Hi Jan!
Iím sorry, itís been a little while since we last sent you an update. Itís been a crazy 2018 for the Casad family. I just wanted to send you a few pics. I decided to get a little healthier and increase my walking. Well, the girls are too little to do all that but they love to be with mama. So...I bought a little something for them, a stroller! Itís the cutest thing ever. We had a lovely walk last evening and I look forward to many more. These little girls are a very precious part of our family and we love them tremendously!

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