Pixie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

June 20, 2020
Hi Jan,
Got home around 4ish. Pixie was quiet and looking all around on my lap. She really seems to like Dan and kept trying to get closer to him, really cute! She finally laid down at about the 3 hr mark and slept till we got home. She ate and drank a little bit. She's still of course wandering and not sure about the other babies but I know this is perfectly normal. I'll be home pretty much till Thursday so by then she should be pretty comfy with the other babies. Right now she's in bed with Dan, Mimzy, Finn and Hyacinth, Sheridan is with me. It was wonderful to see you. We always enjoy our visits.
Love always,

June 22, 2020
Hi Jan!
Love the pix of Pixie on facebook! She is doing great and so far is a true daddy's girl! Dan loves her sitting with him . She is sleeping between us in bed, is so sweet. Everybody is getting along too.
Take Care,

June 28, 2020
Hi Jan,
Pixie sure is a little love bug! She has fit in so well it's like she's been here always. And, Finn has another girlfriend, when she's not following Dan she's following Finn. Don't get me wrong, she loves her momma too but when her daddy is home she's all his LOL. She is so cute, we just love her so and so do the other babies. She's eating well, sleeping well. Thanks again for all you do. Stay cool with this hot weather.
Pam & Pixie

July 9, 2020
Hi Jan,
The babies are good, Pixie is doing remarkably well, she can now hold a nylabone and chew a bit, she is going potty on the pads and she follows Finn everywhere. All the girls love Finn.
Stay cool,

November 3, 2020
Hi Jan,
Just got my calendars and saw Pixie as one of the models, I am soooooooooooooo touched that you included her! She is such a doll baby and we love her so. Dan is so taken by her, she sleeps on his pillow every night. Love the calendar, as always you do such a fabulous job for all of the babies.
We love you ,
Pam & Dan, Pixie, Hyacinth, Sheridan, Mimzy & Finn

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