Poppy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

December 22, 2018
Allie is doing great. She has explored outside, checked everything out inside and is laying next to me on the couch. Pickles isn't quite sure of her yet, but I am sure all will be well within a few days. She is a sweetie!
Mary Ann

May 2, 2019
Hello !
Just wanted to update you about my beautiful baby, POPPY, formerly Allie....she is thriving ! She and Pickles absolutely love each other, where one goes the other follows . She has been to the vet twice, she is very well, 11 1/2 # , been to the groomers twice, she does great there also . The dogs are constantly chasing, and playing with one another ! When our weather was so frigid this winter I resorted to pee pee pads, to spare her from going out, and lo and behold the minute I placed it discreetly behind a chair in the living room, she immediately used it, and has been ever since ! Was she paper trained when you were fostering her ? She is still shy around people, but is getting better every day . I never force her on anyone, just let her be, and gradually she comes around my guests . Thank you again for the opportunity to adopt this sweet little shihtzu! (she and pickles love car rides, and shopping with me, they get lots of attention,) and love from everyone they meet ! She is a love bug.
Mary Ann

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