Presto's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 18, 2017
Presto is doing good so far. He really attached himself to Jeff on the drive out, so he doesn't let Jeff out of his sight too much. Other than that, he's learning to play with (steal) Daddy's socks, climb stairs and jump on the couch to snuggle in with all the blankets and pillows. Daddy took him to Mommy's work today and all the girls swooned and gave him lots of love. Then he went to meet the groomer so they could see his cut and never ever ever cut his ears short!! They fell in love with him too. Tomorrow he is going to meet the vet with his brother. He's not that excited, but he figures he'll get some treats after. As for his new brother, Goalie is ignoring him right now, but still shares the blankies and the bed with him.
Love You,

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