Prius' Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 7, 2018
Hi Jan,
We think she is adjusting quite well. She has been eating, going pee and poo outside, although we do have pee pads. No problem with the eye drops. I did get the genteel and systane eye drops today and we scheduled an app to meet the vet next Friday @ 9. I will keep you posted. Thank you again, we love her ❤️

March 8, 2018
Good evening Jan,
Sorry to keep bothering you. Quick question, i feed Prius 2x a day, but she keeps sitting by her food bowl like she is still hungry. Did you perhaps leave a dry kibble out for snacks whenever they felt the need to to eat. Also I don't think I have seen her drink any water since she has arrived. I have given her some a few times a day in a syringe. She drinks it, but doesn't like her water bowl, I was wondering did she drink out of a water bottle stand ? Any suggestions? She may have I just haven't seen it. Thank you,

March 10, 2018
Prius seems to be adapting well. I'm sure she misses you and all her sisters and brothers, but I try to keep her occupied and loved. She loves car rides, we try to take her daily until the weather changes. I even took her shopping in a grocery cart. Walt took his own cart for the groceries.
Thank you

March 12, 2018
Good morning,
Prius is eatinc really good, fruit and veggies too. She doesn't seem to be to crazy about the tiny carrots though. She has only had one accident, and that was just a throw rug, so no big deal. She uses the pee pads if we don't get to her quick enough. I have no problem with that!! Mostly she goes towards the door and does her business outside. We could not be happier. She is so sweet. She still has a little cough/squeak from her dental. I will address that at the vet on Friday. I've read you can give dogs honey, in very small amounts, for throat irritations. Have you ever heard of that ? Before I forget....does she know how to go up and down steps?? I feel like I'm being a pest, but I want to get things right for her benefit. I don't want to cause her any undo stress. I will keep sending pictures, you will probably get tired of them....
Thank you again, sending hugs back at you !!!

June 27, 2018,
Hi Jan,
Been awhile, hope you have seen all of her pictures that I have sent. God Bless. I hope I am not boring you with all the pictures. She is doing really good. Finally coming out of her shell. She is so funny. She acts like a little puppy at times. She has become very vocal lately. She barks until you respond to her. Especially if we go outside and leave her in, or vice- versa. We take her everywhere we can. I have not left her alone at home yet. One of us is always with her. She is eating pretty good. Last time I weighed her she was up to 9.2 lbs.she had gone down to 8. Still on Vetmedin, off the Lasix. Vitamins and supplements of course. Hope all is good. Just wanted to touch base and say Hi.
Take care, Hugs

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