Prizzy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

July 20, 2019
Just wanted you to know how Prizzy is doing .. so far settled very quickly. She's with Dana most days. She's always happy to see us. She even barks now and rolls around on the ground. She follows us everywhere lol. She's doing ok with Ruby so far. They don't play as such but get along just fine. Hope all's ok.. keep up the good work. I know Dana said she was going to thank you on Facebook. I don't know if she remembered. Thanks again Jan will keep you posted how she's doing.

August 7, 2019
Just wanted to give you an update on how things are going with Prizzy. So far she's doing very well and she's very issues at all. Hope you are well ,will send pictures of Prizzy from time to time to let you know how she's doing.
Take care,

September 14, 2019
Hi Jan,
Just updating you on Prizzy. She doing very well so far had no issues at all she likes spending time with Dana as I'm not home as much as she is but she goes crazy when she sees me she's a Barker for sure lol but just wanted to let you she's doing just fine. Hope all is well with you and hope your finding good homes for your babies. Dana away for last few days so I've been home she's doing great with Ruby they like to spend time laying around together lol. Will keep you posted on how she's doing.
Take care as always.
Paul x

November 13, 2019
Just thought would let you know how Prizzy is doing far doing very well she's always happy don't think I've seen a dog that wags a tail as much as Prizzy lol but she's very close to Ruby where ever she goes Prizzy is next to her so I'm glad they get along so well .. she still eats and drinks fine no issues at all.. hope you are doing ok and things are going well for the rest of your babies.. will keep in touch Jan ..have a good Christmas and New Year.
Take care.

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