Rosie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

July 31, 2018
Hi Jan,
Rosie is adjusting well to her new home, She is such a little love. She doesn't seem to be very interested in the recommended food. Can't find any veggies she really likes either. So for now I am mixing in fresh chicken. We'll figure it out. Thanks,
Jan and Rosie

September 25, 2018
This is Rosie after her haircut. I have had her now for 2 months and she is the sweetest most adorable little girl ever. Loves everyone to comes to see us and also her big brother. They play together several times everyday. Great fun to watch. Its hard to believe that she is 9 years old today as she acts more like 2 or 3. Full of energy but still loves to cuddle with me. Thanks for helping me find such a special little girl.
Take care,
Jan and Rosie

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