Russet's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

October 26, 2018
Russet has a vet appointment for the 6th and all his paperwork is there. The other boys are acting unhappy about his presence but Peanut did that a few days when Ritter first arrived so I am not worried. Hard to catch him going potty as its over as soon as it starts but kind of expected at his age. Such a sweetie. Excited to see everyone who comes through the door.
He is perfect....

November 7, 2018
Things are going well. Peanut and Russet are romping loudly right now. Lot of spot cleaning of the carpet but taking it day by day.

November 17, 2018
Russet is doing awesome.... We went to the holiday parade here in town, then settled in for some football. Too much excitement, he fell asleep with a pig ear still in his mouth...
Just wanted to keep you updated.

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