Scarlet's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 14, 2017
Hi Jan!
Well it appears that I was nervous about nothing! Scarlet has met Finn (walked right up and gave him a good sniffing), went potty outside (what a good girl!), claimed the back of the couch as her own (it's an excellent vantage point for squirrel barking), talked Rod out of his veggie snack (he's Doomed!) And is now having a nap on the back of the couch behind his head! Been a big day for such a little peanut! I think we have a Daddy's girl on our hands! Thanks again, we are already head over heels for this little girl!
Lora and Rod.

May 15, 2017
Well. Day 2 is coming to a close. Scarlet has a been an absolute DREAM! (With the exception of deciding to roll on a dead WORM in the yard!) Silly Girl! The Cute is definitely Strong in this one. We were powerless from the minute we saw her. She hasn't had 1 accident inside, slept all night and hung out with Finnegan this evening while we went to play Trivia. She is eating well and played a little today with her new yellow ducky toy! I did notice that she was licking her feet and tail base yesterday and today. Unsure if it was nervous behavior or maybe a seasonal allergy. Will have Dr Kelly check her out thoroughly tomorrow. We are head over heels for this little charmer! Thanks so much for your roll in bringing us together! We will continue to barrage you with cute pictures.
Lora and Rod and The Fuzzy Pants Gang!

May 18, 2017
Hi Jan!
Just wanted to update you. Scarlet is doing so very well. It's like she's been here her whole life. Today she amused herself by running circles around Finnegan in the yard, ears flapping and tail sticking straight out! She loves her brothers! I am attaching pictures of her first meeting with her brothers Fergus (black and white) and Curly (same color as her!) She "helped" me in the flower garden today and had to have a bath. She thought it was unnecessary, but the ring around the tub proved otherwise! In short, we are hopelessly in Love with this little dog. Thanks again for all you do!
Hugs and puppy kisses!
Lora, Rod and The Fuzzy Pants Gang!

May 24, 2017
Hi Jan!
Well our little miss Scarlet Rose has taken right over. She is more comfortable every day. She is now ripping around the yard at full speed. (We call it the butt tucks because her little rear end tucks under when she gets going fast!). She barks the bunnies, we have many living out back. She sasses the Mommy when her breakfast doesn't hit the floor quick enough, and likes to nap with her brother Finn. In the picture I am sending, instead of sleeping in the pretty plush bed we got her she prefers to sleep next to Finn on an old pillow we gave him. I don't know, need on these pics, I think she kinda likes it here.
Take care,
Your friends,
Lora, Rod, and the Fuzzy Pants Gang. (Also known as The Knuckle Head Zoo!)

June 25, 2017
Scarlet has her very own padded porch bench so she has a good vantage point to watch for squirrels, birds, bunnies, and other dangerous friends! Then it's naptime for the busiest little princess. Being that cute takes a lot out of a girl!

November 7, 2017
It's been awhile. Here are some random Scarlett pics. I hope all is well with you and the fur babies!. Scarlett has completely taken over here. She is really coming out of her shell with people and LOVES to go for "walks" at the park. Her version of walking is to go FAST AS WE CAN!
Hugs from the whole Gang!

December 31, 2020
Dear Aunt Jan,
Scarlett and Ainsley here! We are sorry that we haven't checked in for awhile, but we have been so busy hanging out with our Mommy lately since she hasn't been going to that thing she calls The Work every day! We spent the WHOLE summer going to the park for walkies and picnics. And hanging out on the front porch doing the Neighborhood Watch and charming all the peoples who we are CERTAIN are walking by JUST to see US! On the days that it rains or it's too hot or now too darn cold to go outside, we get ALL our toys out and spread them ALL OVER THE HOUSE so The Mommy can pick them up and put them back in the toy box! Keeps her busy so she doesn't get too bored! THEN we watch out the window so we can let her know (AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS) when the Mail Lady comes!! Then we usually nap for awhile until it's time to watch for The Daddy to come home! So you see, we have been Very Busy!! We hope that everyone is doing well and is Healthy and Happy!! Big, Sloppy Kisses to You!!!

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