Shadow's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

July 24, 2020
Hi Jan,
We made it home safe and sound. He is an excellent traveler. Buddy shook the whole way home, poor guy. Shadow loves the back yard and slept with us all night. He is a very sweet dog!!!

July 31, 2020
Hi Jan,
Shadow is doing great. Here are some pictures of him...nap time! 🥰

November 3, 2020
Hi Jan!
My 4 year old Grandson insists his name is Banana, no idea why!! He is a wonderful dog and we love him to pieces. He still pees in the house at night. We have a dog door and I am home during the day, so he isn't alone. He wouldn't be at night either but he does not want to sleep in the bed with us. He prefers the couch in the den ☹ . I bought them new beds and stacked the old ones up. As you can see, he likes the old ones best! Shadow and Buddy have started to play together and it is adorable. I tried to get a video of them running through the house playing tag, but I couldn't catch them. It seems like they know when I want to take a picture, so they stop doing the cute stuff. I could send plenty of pictures of blurry fur!

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