Sugar Bear's Forever Home Update

Sugar Bear's
Forever Home

July 23, 2018
Hi Jan,
Every day should start with a nap. Doing remarkably well here. Her personality is showing more everyday. She loves Terry and spends hours watching TV on his lap. Camee has been more receptive since about the second day. Still working on going potty outdoors. She is having a little difficulty using the ramp out. No problem coming in. I am sure she will figure it out soon enough. She learns quickly and is slightly afraid of loud noises. She seems to warm up to visitors and likes to be petted. She likes certain toys and thankfully they aren’t Camee’s talking ones because she doesn’t share them with anyone. Hope all continues to be good with all of you. Joy doesn’t seem to mind a new sister. Hugs to all.

August 26, 2018
We are all doing well here. This little girl has had several names as we try to find one to fit her personality. I think we have settled on "Sugar Bear". She is so sweet and loves to be held like a teddy bear. What a wonderful addition. She is playing and chasing Camee. She seems to like toys if they don't make a noise. And she is doing good on potty training. When she isn't loving on us. She snuggles up with the other girls for a nap. A little unsure about strangers but that is ok. Hope all is well with you.

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