Sully's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

January 21, 2020
Hi Jan,
Sully has settled right in and is such a joy. He is so loving and such a good boy

March 8, 2020
Hi Jan,
We are doing fine. Sully is doing good he definitely has allergies. I took him for a brief consult with my vet she told me to give him children's Benedryl small amount. I've got him scheduled for grooming he needs it. He so spoiled already and doesn't want us to leave. We went for a show last night and he lays at our back door until we come back. I've still got him on half kibble dog food and half freeze dried raw meat. Family and friends all love him. He's our baby boy. I know you miss him. He has a good home with us. Glad your other doggies are doing good and you too. Thanks for emailing.

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