Teddy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

January 9, 2022
I made it home safe and already love my new family. Frida is keeping me on my toes and finally stopped being so shy to play with me! I already attacked our big box of pup toys and made myself at home. I thinking I’m going to like it here…. 😊💙

March 16, 2022
Hi Jan!
Teddy is doing wonderful, we are obsessed with him, as is the whole family! We went to Mexico for 2 weeks in February and he stayed with my parents during that time. I almost had to snatch him from my mom, she did NOT want to give him back, she is obsessed with him! Lol she actually potty trained him during those two weeks and he hasn’t had an accident at all. He asks to go outside, he knows how to sit now too! He is such a well behaved boy, LOVES pillow hogging at night! Lol he and Frida are getting along wonderfully. If anything, Frida is acting more like the puppy because she bugs him to play all the time! He will just hide behind Nacho if he’s not in the mood, it’s so cute! He loves all the toys he has here, loves snuggling with mom and dad, loves people, but most of all….he LOVES watching TV! It is so funny, he will sit and watch tv all day long, he especially loves watching Animal Planet on the TV! He is a wonderful addition to the family, thank you so much for choosing us to be his new family!
Love The Hernandez Family

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