Teddy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

April 14, 2021
Hi Jan,
Had a great night last night. He slept between the wife and I and has had only 1 accident in the house. Learning really fast to come on command and get down when looking on the table. Doing much better with the leash and getting better with steps. Scared of auto doors at Petsmart and cars spook him. Still getting used to the TV which he watched last night for a while trying to figure it out. Very smart and has become one of the family very quickly. Follows the wife and waits at the door when she is outside. All in all very happy to have him with us. Thank you
Scott and Cherie

April 29, 2021
Hi Jan,
Cash is doing great. The fence is in and we have had no accidents in the house in three days. I have been layed off from my job which is good as it means I am now retired and spending much more time with cash. He's so smart and learns very fast when told to do something. He seems very happy and plays with toys everyday. I will send a picture of the fenced in area soon as the weather clears. We had a thunderstorm the other day and he ran outside to see what the noise was. He is very alert to every sound. But not afraid after he finds the source of the noise. I love him very much and, where I go he goes with. Always by my side and sleeps always curled up where he can be touching me. Thank you again for choosing our home to be his forever home.

May 24, 2021
It is so hard to believe that Cash (now named Teddy) has only been with us for 5 weeks. He fits in so perfectly with our family! I thought I would just send an update to let you know how he is doing. He continues to have his very sweet personality. He is a very loving dog, generously sharing his kisses with us (sometimes, a little too generously!). He has learned to give hugs by jumping up, putting his paws on our shoulders, and nuzzling our necks. It is so sweet. He has been to the vet for his first wellness visit, where he also got his flea and ticks meds, heartworm shot, and was microchipped. He went to the groomer for a quick trim -- mostly to get him on the same schedule as our other dog Cinderella. Both the vet and the groomer commented on what a wonderful dog he is. He and Cinderella are getting along well. She is kind of a grumpy old dog, but he has won her over. He also loves our daughter's dog also, who is playful and they love to chase one another through the house. The neighbor's dog will run on his side of the fence while Teddy runs on our side and they chase up and down, back and forth. Overall, he is just a happy-go-lucky little guy. My husband was scheduled to retire on May 14th, but ended up being laid off for his final three weeks so Teddy has had an at-home companion almost the entire time we have had him. But when Scott goes to play golf, Teddy is well behaved. He does like knocking over the small trash cans, but we have learned to put them up when we are gone. He has trained us well. He likes to play when we go to bed, but has learned what the word "settle" means, and he calms down and snuggles when we tell him too. He is a smart little guy. We are so very grateful that you chose us to be Teddy's mom and dad. He is just a constant source of joy and laughter in our lives and we feel very blessed to have him with us.
Cherie and Scott

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