Tia's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

June 28, 2020
Hi Jan,
Day 1 she was pretty quiet but ate her dinner and was pretty much my shadow. Day 2 Saturday she actually ate in her own spot in the kitchen and I got her to walk around outside with Taffy and Bell. Had to carry her in and out. Day 3 today she is doing wonderful!! In and out with the other 2 without having to carry her. She helped me do chores. Feeding and taking care of the chickens. Did not even chase them! Spent time hanging out in the sun. Took all the toys out of the toy box. She's having a good time and we will give her a good life! Glad we have a king size bed. Yes she will bark and whine if she wants in bed with us. Needs a little more potty training but that will be fine too. Sent some pics of her new life. Thank you for her.
💖 Linda

July 28, 2020
Hi Jan,
Tia is doing great with her new best friend Taffy. They have become best friends. Love them both. Bell thinks they are crazy wild girls and watches at a distance.
💖 Linda

October 31, 2020
Tia has been doing great. She is a very busy girl. Starting to get use to our friends and family. She especially likes my mom. We go nextdoor and she loves playing with moms dog Abby. Learning to listen a little better. She can b stubborn at times! She sits with Mike in the evenings for TV watching. She likes the chickens. Our rooster and one of his hens in the pic. Just have to watch, she try's to eat chicken poop!! She is perfect for our family!!
💖 Linda

February 28, 2021
Hi Jan,
Thought you might like an update on Tia. She is doing wonderful. We enjoy her so much. She's not as shy as she was but is still leary of strangers. She is doing really well with friends and family! Gets along good with my granddaughters corgi but still has issues with their great dane but I don't blame her on that!!! Sending a few pics. All on the couch one evening with me. Tia was the first to try out the new My Pillow dog beds!!. Tia and Taffy taking afternoon naps. Thanks for all you do!!!!

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